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We had earlier reported an issue while patching Oracle GRID environment using BDA product with the help of patch wrappers. The issue is described here. We were continuously following up with Oracle for almost 3 months, to confirm this ownership change. Today we got the confirmation from Oracle on the same. Oracle says, the ownership of the file "$GRID_HOME/bin/sqlplus" is changed from "<grid_user>/oinstall" to "root:oinstall" after applying the GIRU/GIPSU patches from April 2019 onward. This is an expected behavior. However Oracle does not have any documentation as of today which talks about this change. Oracle support person has confirmed this on the request I raised with them. Reference of this request is:

          SR 3-20452464551 : After applying GIRU April2019, the permission of "$GRID_HOME/bin/sqlplus" changed to root:oinstall.


How it affects BDA's logic of applying patches using its patch wrappers:

     BDA uses "GRID_HOME/bin/sqlplus" file to determine the ownership of Oracle Software. As the ownership is changed from Oracle side, we have to change the logic within BDA to determine the ownership of Oracle Software. So going forward BDA will use "$GRID_HOME/bin/oracle" file instead of "$GRID_HOME/bin/sqlplus" file to determine the ownership of Oracle Software. This file exists in all oracle home types (db, crs, grid) and will always be owned by the id that owns the database.


When this change will be available in product:

     This change will be available in the upcoming release i.e. 2019 R3


What about Oracle patches that are released by Oracle till the availability of above BDA version:

     The patch wrappers which BMC will release for further quarters till the release of BDA 2019 R3 version will be modified so that post patching of such patches the ownership of "$GRID_HOME/bin/sqlplus" will be changed to "<grid_user>:oinstall". So going forward, customers will not face any issue during patching due to ownership issues. We have already confirmed with Oracle that, this change of ownership post applying the respective patch is acceptable and it does no harm to the installed Oracle Software.


     However we think of below two situations in your environments. You have to take step(s) according to the situation applicable to your environment:

          Situation 1: If prior to patching, the file "$GRID_HOME/bin/sqlplus" is owned by "root:oinstall" then change the ownership of "$GRID_HOME/bin/sqlplus" from "root:oinstall" to "<grid_user>:oinstall". Then carry out a “node rescan” through BDA. Then go for patching. Ownership of the file can be changed manually or using custom action in case there is no access to the server.

          Situation 2: If prior to patching, the file "$GRID_HOME/bin/sqlplus" is owned correctly by "<grid_user>:oinstall", then no need to do anything.


Hope this information helps. Kindly leave your comments below if you are looking for any further information around patching or have any doubt on the above provided information.


NOTE: This information is applicable to only grid patches that is GIPSU and GIRU. For other patches like PSU, OJVM, RU, PSU-OJVM, RU-OJVM, everything remains the same. There is no change in the patching logic for these patches.