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The Database Automation team is pleased to announce the availability of BDA 2019 Release 2


This release includes product enhancements, security improvements, and expanded platform support and updated compliance content. This blog post will give you all the information you need to understand what’s new in this release. 


Before jumping into the details, allow me to first highlight two of the improvements included in in 2019 Release 02.  These are:


  1. Automated Agent Upgrade – You can now automatically update all or some of the BDA agents on your network from directly within BDA and by simply highlighting a domain and selecting “Upgrade Agents”.  BDA handles the process automatically.  This is a huge time saver and eliminates the risk of errors due to version incompatibility between the BDA agent and manager.


  1. Support for Oracle 19c, Enterprise edition - Support for Oracle 19c is included for enterprise edition that covers Single Instance (Windows and Linux), RAC and Restart-enabled


In addition to these two important updates, we’ve also included numerous other improvements in terms of functionality, platform support, compliance, and security:


REST API Updates

    • APIs for Node activities
    • APIs for Database provisioning


Patching job improvements

    • When you rerun a patch job following a failure, the job does not run on the nodes where patching was successful. It only runs on the nodes where patching had failed.
    • All nodes that had shut down during the patching job, restart automatically after patching is complete.
    • Patching job improvements are supported for Oracle, Sybase, and MSSQL databases.


View Patch List for Oracle databases

    • The Patch List for an Agent is available on the Database Configuration panel.
    • In earlier releases, this was available for MSSQL server only.


Updates to software prerequisites

    • Support for PostgreSQL version 11.2
    • PHP is upgraded to version 7.2.20


Updated and newly added CIS compliances for MSSQL

    • MSSQL 2017 V1.0 - 813645
    • MSSQL 2016 V1.1 - 814210
    • MSSQL 2014 V1.4 - 814379  
    • MSSQL 2012 V1.5 - 814382
    • MSSQL 2008 V1.6 - 814441


Security enhancements

  • A number of application security improvements are also included in this release



Our entire team is very excited to provide you with these updates to BDA and we are confident they will help you more effectively secure, provision, patch and manage your database environments.  


We’re also looking forward to your feedback on this release.  So please share any thoughts or questions you may have here in the Bladelogic Database Automation community.  

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to continually earn your business!   I look forward to hearing from you.