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Based on our experience with April 2019 Oracle patches we have learnt that, ownership of some of the files have been changed after applying April 2019 patch. Especially GIPSU/GIRU patch. Due to which some of the patches failed while applying through BDA. The root cause of this failure in BDA is changed ownership of file "$GRID_HOME/bin/sqlplus". Before applying the patch the file was owned by "grid/oracle" user and post applying it is owned by "root" user. This will result in the July 2019 patches failing when applied in a RAC environment.


Possible Scenarios:

1. April 2019 Patch Did Not Fail: There is a possibility that, April 2019 GIPSU/GIRU patch went well when applied through BDA. This happened because the ownership of above mentioned file was correct before applying the patch. But after the patch got applied, the above mentioned file is now owned by root user instead of "grid/oracle" user. As a result there is a possibility that July 2019 GIPSU/GIRU patch will fail on the same RAC environment.


2. April 2019 Patch Did Fail: If the mentioned file is owned by root user before applying the patch, April patch must have failed. This will also result in July patch to be failed.


What we are doing about it:

  • We have already opened a ticket with Oracle (SR 3-20452464551 )
  • Oracle has confirmed this issue on as “Bug 29415452 : 12102 APR19 GIPSU: FILE PERMISSION GETS CHANGED FOR MANY FILES UNDER GRID HOME”
  • Oracle is still in the process of confirming this in later releases of the product.


Looking Forward:

  • We hope to have Oracle address this in their upcoming July releases
  • If Oracle does not do this, we do have a workaround available from Support.   The workaround would be to change the ownership of "$GRID_HOME/bin/sqlplus" from "root:oinstall" to "<grid_user>/oinstall" followed by a “node rescan” through BDA. Ownership of the file can be changed manually or using custom action in case there is no access to the server.


Next Steps:

  • Please make sure you are subscribed to the BDA blog on the BDA community so you will be emailed automatically as we get more information from Oracle.

  Reach out to Support or contact us on the BDA community if you have any questions.


Update on October 4th 2019:

     Oracle has confirmed this change and it is as per their expectation. For more information kindly visit below page:

               BDA Oracle Patch Wrappers: Confirmation From Oracle on Ownership Change for "sqlplus" file under GRID_HOME