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One of the key requests we get from customers is for us to deliver the Wrappers for Oracle Patches more quickly.    I’m pleased to announce that starting this month, we’ll be able to do just that.



Prior to today, we would target the wrapper releases to be within 15 days after Oracle releases their patches.   The reason we needed the 15 days between when Oracle releases the patches and when we release the wrappers is that we run the wrappers through a set of very extensive tests to ensure they work as planned. 

What we’ve seen in practice is that due minimal changes in how the Oracle patches work and due to the wrappers being nothing more than simple scripts, it is very rare for the wrappers to have an issue.   And more importantly, when we do see issues, they are issues that do not put database operations at risk.  They simply stop the application of the patch.


What we’ll be doing going forward

Beginning with Oracle’s patch releases in April we will implement the following changes:

Uncertified Wrappers (new process): Within 4 business days after Oracle releases their patches, we will make any necessary updates to the patch wrappers, run them through our high-level quality tests, have them available to you for download and notify you with a post to the blog in the BDA online community. For customers who need to quickly roll out Oracle patches, we would encourage you to use these patches moving forward.  As always, we recommend that you test them in your own test environment prior to rolling them out to production, but this is no change.   We have a high level of confidence that these wrappers will work well for you in test and production and with minimal risk to operations.

Certified Wrappers (Current Process):  Within 15 days after Oracle has released their patches, we will have completed our certification testing process.  Assuming there are no changes needed to the wrappers, we will simply post an update to the BDA blog to let you know they are ready for download.


While the Uncertified Wrapper process is new to most customers, we’ve been using it already with a number of customers including some very large financial institutions.  Because of this we feel confident it will be a benefit to those customers who need to roll out Oracle patches more quickly, but still with high confidence of success.


Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments or questions below.  If you want to begin making use of the new process, please just reach out to Support and they can walk you through the process