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Recent Activity

Maheshchandra Jadhav
As per Oracle Quarterly Patch schedule, Oracle Quarterly Patches are available from 20th October. These patches are available on Oracles' website.   BDA engineering team has downloaded these patches… (Show more)
Jereomy Schulz
We use quite a bit of MySQL.  We would like real MySQL Support added to BDA.  The current after thought of the file and importing the actions, while it mostly works is very clunky. …
Gennady Barenbaum
While copying BDA actions in bulk from one Manager to another using from /app/clarity/manager_scripts/bin new actionid is assigned during import.  That…
Amey Talkatkar
I am happy to announce that, some more pending patch wrappers are available as a part of the Batch 3 with support team. Below is the complete list of available patch wrappers along with ETA for… (Show more)
Abdul Shaikh
Currently, the Data and Log file location is picked from the Default Template while using to Create SQL Database. Customers have inquired whether these parameters can be specified on…
Blaine Simpson
I know that support for more current versions of IE is in the works, but please support Chrome or Firefox too.  Most of BMC's web-interfacing products work with Chrome or Firefox.  The majority of…
Abdul Shaikh
Currently BDA has not Officially been certified for use with Oracle Data Guard. It would be great if BDA could be officially compatible with Oracle Data Guard.