• Remedy Single Sign-On - Authentication for multiple domains

    Request your advice on how to achieve this with RSSO 19.08 (on-premise). Mid-tier and Digital Work place applications have been deployed on intranet (only). SmartIT and RSSO have been published on internet . As a resu...
    Radhika Narayanan
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  • Remedy SSO Requires Login to TrueSight or Atrium prior to Discovery

    Please move this as necessary, I did not see a place to ask an SSO question in the Remedy area.   We have Remedy SSO implemented and we are seeing that it is required to log into TrueSight in order to authentica...
    Jon Trotter
    created by Jon Trotter
  • Midtier 8.1 via SSO authentication problem

    Hi,   We are on ARS 8.1.02 with Atrium SSO 8.1.   Today I had to replace an old SSL certificate on the SSO server because it's expired and started getting authentication errors on midtier. The midtier is s...
    Arkos *
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  • Remedy Single Sign-On additional functionality

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    Hi All, We would like to have more control on the RSSO Sessions. Could be implemented the following functionalities?   At the moment RSSO allow to set a session timeout parameter as global, could be the timeout...
    Giancarlo Palumbo
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  • Automated User Creation in SSO

    Can anyone guide on how to automate process of user creation in SSO
    Shubhi Johri
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  • Does RemedySSO provide an internal LDAP? Usable for Discovery

    Hello Community,   were planning to migrate our AtriumSSO environment into a RemedySSO environment. Currently our Discovery ( environment uses the local ldap of the ASSO as user store (populated by an ...
    Patrick Rauhut
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  • Session is invalid or has timed out. Please reload page to log in again. (ARERR 9201)

    I have a problem with the time out ,when i login after Munite the time out appear to me vray fast Session is invalid or has timed out. Please reload page to log in again. (ARERR 9201)   I have load blancer (2AR,...
    ds NameToUpdate
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  • Looking for SSO integration/configuration advice.

    We are trying to implement SSO for our remedy 9.1.04 sp2 instance. We have one application server, one midtier and one database server. Currently we use AREA LDAP authentication. Does SSO need to be installed and i...
    Dawn MacNeil
    created by Dawn MacNeil
  • How can i disable specific cipher suites that is used for ASSO?

    Hi there, Does anyone know how can i change the cipher suites that is used for ASSO? (As a first step i an trying to disable specific cipher suites)
    Mina Horiuchi
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  • Autostart SSO services on Linux

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    When SSO 9.0.00 is installed on Windows, a specific Windows service is also installed for it and configured to autostart.       However, when SSO 9.0.00 is installed on Linux, there is no autostart scri...
    Javier Prieto Sabugo
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  • RSSO user details import and export

    Hi,   Can we export RSSO user details created in Local User Management Section and import into another RSSO ? Primary RSSO is using default Postgre database but secondary RSSO is using SQL server database in ba...
    Lokesh Bendale
    created by Lokesh Bendale
  • Disable Single Sign On 9

    Hi Guys,   I don't want to uninstall SSO permanently) instead I want to disabled it (temporarily). My clients wants to conduct a workshop and they don't want to use SSO so they've asked me , how to disable it te...
    bruno agostinho
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  • Kerberos authentication support with Truesight 10.7

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    Creating this idea on behalf of the customers who would like to acquire the subjected feature.   True-sight is designed to accept the credentials from the user and then make a backchannel call to Atrium SSO serv...
    Himanshu Pandya
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  • Regarding ASSO .lck file.

    Hi there,   I often face to the issue that be not able to login to CDP. ( Able to login to ASSO.)   And when it happened, i know how to solve. Delete the .lck file of from "C:\Program Files\BMC Software\...
    Mina Horiuchi
    created by Mina Horiuchi
  • Set password policy

    Hello, By using Atrium orchestrator or Bladelogic compliances,can I control and set password policy for a Linux/Windows server which the password consists of complex charecter limited 8 digit for example? Thanks.
    Malik DUNDAR
    created by Malik DUNDAR
  • ASSO Login page is looping again and again.

    Hi All, I've an issue that unable to login into ASSO console using AmAdmin. while i'm trying to login again the login page is getting displayed. restarted SSO Service but same persisting. For the confirmation I did t...
    Sabari Yadavilli
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  • Issue installing Atrium Single Sign-On 9.0

    Attempting to install SSO via Xming (Windows Workstation) on Red Hat 7 server and is receiving the following:   ************************************************************ (May 31 2018 12:16:21.743 PM -0500),...
    Abraham Marquez
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  • Single Sign On - SAML and LDAP

    Hello, I have AREA LDAP authentication setup in Remedy.and its working. Now I have integrated Atrium SSO with AR Server and the current LDAP based authentication has stopped working. I still have to integrate Midtier ...
    created by VIKAS BOHRA
  • Add User mgmt and logging for RSSO

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    Relating to this topic: user mgmt in/for RSSO   A customer using BAO 7.9/ITSM... has more admin users who will access RSSO.   The requirement is that: - You can have different Accounts to log into RSSO....
    Bernd Scoor
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  • What is log format of user audit logs in RSSO for truesight

    What is log format of user audit logs in RSSO  and what is the logs file name
    created by ABHAY BHAGAT