• Disable Max Session Timeout for a specific user

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    Usually big enterprise have Control Room and video wall showing main BMC tool operating console: for exampe Business Service Status view of BPPM console.When the tools are integrated with Atrium SSO is not possible to...
    Vincenzo Trofa
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  • Provide "pop-up" reminder before user gets timed-out by system

    On Roadmap
    19 votes
    We are using Siteminder SSO as our SSO solution, and by policy users get timed-out after 30 minutes of inactivity (I think this may be the default for Atrium SSO as well).  We have a fairly involved set of servic...
    Charles Cooley
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  • Kerberos authentication support with Truesight 10.7

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    17 votes
    Creating this idea on behalf of the customers who would like to acquire the subjected feature.   True-sight is designed to accept the credentials from the user and then make a backchannel call to Atrium SSO serv...
    Himanshu Pandya
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  • Looking for a solution to meet DoD's requirement for CAC login to applications with Atrium SSO without having to change existing Remedy Login IDs.

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    7 votes
    Within the Department of Defense and others there is a requirement to login to systems using the Common Access Card (CaC).  Atrium SSO provides the basic process for doing this by providing CaC authentication....
    Daniel Pritchard
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  • Remedy Single Sign-On additional functionality

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    6 votes
    Hi All, We would like to have more control on the RSSO Sessions. Could be implemented the following functionalities?   At the moment RSSO allow to set a session timeout parameter as global, could be the timeout...
    Giancarlo Palumbo
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  • Server to Server Communication Encryption using TCPS in RSSO

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    5 votes
    Server to Server Communication Encryption using TCPS in RSSO tool is not supported. Need this to be supported as we have a mandate from our customer to implement the same as part of security compliance. Since I could ...
    Amit Deshmukh
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  • Add User mgmt and logging for RSSO

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    Relating to this topic: user mgmt in/for RSSO   A customer using BAO 7.9/ITSM... has more admin users who will access RSSO.   The requirement is that: - You can have different Accounts to log into RSSO....
    Bernd Scoor
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  • Autostart SSO services on Linux

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    When SSO 9.0.00 is installed on Windows, a specific Windows service is also installed for it and configured to autostart.       However, when SSO 9.0.00 is installed on Linux, there is no autostart scri...
    Javier Prieto Sabugo
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