• Difference in Application Discovery and Component Discovery job

    Hi,   Can some body tell me the difference in application discovery and component discovery job in BL 8.1 ARA.  and also which discovery job should be used at which place?   Thanks,
    Ashish Vijay (HCL)
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  • Documentation and installation of Application Release Automation 8.1.00 on Linux

    Dear all, this is my first post/question/discussion. I first went through a lot of Product Documentation (technical bulletins, release notes, install-, user-, administration- and getting started guides) and did a ...
    Alex NameToUpdate
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  • Upgrade Model Objects Job

    Hi,   I tried creating an "Upgrade Model Objects Job" using a component template. I first added a software version 8.0 as a part and then upgraded my system to have software version 9.0 and created an "Upgrade M...
    Ritu Chandna
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  • Excluding BLAs from SNAPSHOT

    Is there a way to exclude BLA's from a SNAPSHOT via the CLI? I know there are checkboxes in the gui you can check to exclude can't seem to find how to do it via the CLI. Thank you in advance.
    Edwin Lindeman
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  • ear installation doubts...

    Hi, I'm trying the product "BMC BladeLogic Application Release Automation for use in JBoss environment. And I have three questions: 1) In a deploy configuration you can attach the ear file to be copied on the target...
    Stefano Bertolin
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  • problem in application uninstall (JBoss environment)

    Hi, in the documentation of the product I found this statement: If the Configuration object has the Delete attribute set to "true," Deliver deletes the object on the server. I tryed to write an xml configuration fi...
    Stefano Bertolin
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  • How to Change owner of multiple files in a folder in BL Package

    Hi,   I just added a folder in my BL Package and want to change the owner ( or change the OwnerOption to ignore) for all files in my folder. If I change the properties of folder then these are not inherited by f...
    Sandeep Bhutani
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  • Bladelogic Application Release Automation ( Phurnace) - Server Profile

      HI,   I am just creating one demo environment for Phurnace. I have two VM one is Windows Xp where I have installed Phurnace and other one is windows 2003 where I have installed WebSphere 6.1.   Both ...
    Siddu angadi
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  • how can i get a trial license file for (*.lic) Phurnace Deliver (BladeLogic Application Release Automation)?

    How can i get a trial license file for (*.lic) Phurnace Deliver (BladeLogic Application Release Automation)? I tried to write a mail to license@phurnace.com, but it seems that the address does not exist. Thank you
    Stefano Bertolin
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