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The early returns for cloud computing are in, and it's a winner. The first proofs-of-concept, trials, and prototypes are bearing fruit and many organizations are starting to think about the next phase of the cloud journey, migrating production applications to cloud environment. The proof-of-concept and trial phases sought to answer the question, "Can it work?" As we enter the next phase, the question is rapidly shifting to, "Will my production applications perform well?"


The challenge for architects and operations personnel is to determine the answer, even as they are losing some control of the low-level infrastructure. In the cloud, "somebody else" owns the physical servers, storage arrays, and network switches. The old application bottlenecks that were present when the application was running in a traditional environment will shift to a new bottleneck to reflect the cloud infrastructure.


In response to this trend, BMC Software is also shifting its product lines to provide more insight for cloud-based applications. Over the last week or so, we have announced a couple of milestones for the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) products.


Last week, we announced that we put our leading APM solution in the cloud so that it would be easy to setup and consume as a service (APMaaS). The new service provides both end-user experience management (EUEM) and deep dive diagnostics for both on-premise and in-the-cloud applications. Most importantly, it delivers faster time to value, helping you get up and running quickly and easily. The new APMaaS solution also integrates with Akamai EdgeConnect, providing deep insight into end-user experience for applications being accelerated through the Akamai platform. We're really excited about this solution and we think you will be, too. Never before has such a complete, end-to-end APM solution been available as a service.


This week, we've upped the ante even more. We're pleased to announce BMC Application Diagnostics in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. BMC Application Diagnostics provides deep insight into Java and .NET applications, allowing you to monitor individual transactions, individual server application components, or a combination of the two. Want to know how long it takes for users to login to your application? Need to understand whether the delay seen by a specific transaction is coming from the application server or the database server? Want to know which line of code is causing the most delay in your shopping cart checkout? Application Diagnostics can answer all these questions and more. And now, BMC Application Diagnostics is in the AWS Marketplace, making it easier to start managing the performance of your applications running in the Amazon cloud.


Instrumenting your Java or .NET application to run with Application Diagnostics is simple -- just install the appropriate Application Diagnostics agents for your application environment and configure a connection between your application and the Application Diagnostics portal running in the AWS Marketplace AMI. The agents will then be loaded with your server components and will automatically begin monitoring your application. Then, drill down into your application to see the performance of individual transactions or application components, all the way to a single line of code if you want.


While building and running production applications in the cloud can be a difficult undertaking, BMC's new cloud-based APM tools make it easier than ever to understand application performance, giving you deep insight into both the experience seen by the end user and the locations of your bottlenecks on a transaction-by-transaction basis.