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My first Engage  event and presenting a topic:

Progress of ITSM at Pomona College and the Use of BMC FootPrints Service Core


As you might suspect from the title it is about the progress of ITSM . . . um, at Pomona College . . . and how we use Footprints Service Core to support that process.   I was going to call it "War and Peace" but that was already taken, even if it was more accurate. 


Tried to respond to the post about runners.  I'm not exactly a runner.  More of a trotter.  But thanks for the path map!  Now I know to take my gear with me.  I was all "Hey, no way can I do this while I'm down there, right? RIGHT???"


ANYway, I hope to connect and even engage with many of you.  Just a teaser:  the aforementioned progress is not without drama and the end has not been written yet.  This topic is not so much about how incredibly FABulous Pomona College IT is (though indeed it is) but how much we struggle just like anyone else.   


IT Service Management is a tougher pussycat than the one in the photo above!