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Given how social-savvy Engage participants are, we expect that you'll share exciting/fun moments that you'll experience during the WW Event (see tips here for elevating quotes, pictures, videos, content posted on Engage community, and more).


Your posts will have a great impact:

  • It will enable other participants to know about things happening,
  • friends who could not make it this year will be updated real-time, and experience the flavor of the Event


What if your tweets were elevated, and you'd be showcased?


Beta-testing this capability


Thanks a lot to Paul Donders, Paul Nicolaides, Robert Stinnett, LJ LongWing, Jason Quesada, Young So and William Olivieri who beta tested this capability!


How to see this leaderboard?

Easy, a widget will soon appear directly in BMC Engage community.

And word of mouth will sure spread quickly each day within the Event venue about the top tweeters!



Who can participate?

The vast majority of users who are on BMC Communities:

  • Customers, Partners, Independent Consultants, Analysts, etc. (BMC Employees will sure tweet, but will not appear in this leaderboard)
  • Users attending Engage Event, or also not attending the Event


How to participate?

Very easy, 2 step process:

  1. Opt-in for this contest, by:
    1. updating your profile, and adding your Twitter ID (no @ for your handle, with the right caps - example: matt_L for me)
    2. making a comment on this very blog post (don't forget this step)
  2. Tweet with #bmcengage hashtag (as many times as you want, I'm sure you'll have a lot of great things to share)



Ohhh, forgot to mention!

Alison Munn, Kim Ellis and May Bakken may have surprises for you, fully in sync with this tweet contest.


This contest will begin on Monday Oct 6th.

Update: FAQ just posted


Looking forward to seeing the first comments