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Does this often happen to you?

You go to a conference, and there is a huge crowd around you. You'll talk with about 5% of the audience.


But you do not speak with 95% of the crowd...

It's a pity, interacting with some of them may actually be highly valuable for you (productive and fun too).


Networking "on steroids"

Let's set expectations first.

There is no plan to do a speed dating between all the attendees: it would be very time consuming, and not very productive.



What Event team is planning to do is to help people to network with others who have something in common.


During some lunches, there will be flags/geo-specific signs so that users from the same region can meet. It will have many advantages:


You may share many things (some business context), and "live" networking will be even more productive. For example, the language you use (and how it impacts the way you manage IT, translation or Legal impacts). It will enable some members of the Swiss User Group to meet with users from Club Utilisateurs France (or Deutschsprachige User Group for example). Then, users from Quebec will be happy to join this same table and chat ... I mean "parler"

This "live" networking will be able to last after the event too, with users meeting online, in their respective local User Groups (online and/or with geo meetups). This is true for previous groups, and also for User Groups not related to a non-Engligh language, like Florida User Group or Texas User Group, and more!


Looking forward to even more networking in October! Over lunch and more.