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One of the most common requests we get from customers is for insight into roadmaps for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (see CLM Community) and BladeLogic Data Center Automation. They want a sneak peek into the future!  And understandably so; the Cloud and Data Center Automation markets are evolving rapidly as customers strive to balance agility with cost and risk across data center and cloud infrastructures.


At Engage, we'll have our Product Management leaders for Cloud and Data Center Automation delivering in-depth previews of upcoming releases and longer term roadmaps for our solutions. These sessions will not only be valuable for our CLM and BladeLogic customers - but also for any IT professionals seeking to improve automation and cloud management in their organizations. After all, our solution roadmaps are driven by customer needs so its a great opportunity to get insight into how enterprises see their data center automation and cloud management requirements changing in the future.


The roadmap sessions are on the last day of the conference so make sure you stick around to see them:


Thursday Oct 16th:

11- 12pm: The Future of Cloud Computing: BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Roadmap - Brian Emerson Sr Director Product Management

12 - 1pm: The Future of Automation: BMC BladeLogic Roadmap - Brian Downey Sr Director Product Management


Plus, there'll be other opportunities to engage with the 'two Brians' and other BMC solution experts during the event - in particular at  our Evening with the Experts on Tuesday Oct 13th.


For more information on Engage sessions and to sign up to attend, go to: