• Embedding Helix Views in other applications

    Hi all,   is the feature of Embedding BMC Helix Innovation Suite views in external applications - Documentation for BMC Helix Innovation Suite 18.11…  also availible on AWS Sanboxes for testing purpo...
    Tobias Buehl
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  • 9.0.18 version installation

    How to install a 9.0.18 version including OS/400 systems process scheduling? Thanks upfront
    Mickael ZIEBEN
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  • Machine learning metrics to evaluate BMC Helix Innovation Suite Cognitive Service

    BMC Helix Innovation Suite Cognitive Service provides auto-categorization, auto-assignment, and chatbot capabilities. To improve the cognitive service data sets for these functionalities, BMC Helix Innovation Suite ve...
    Aaditi Lakade
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  • Unable to do logging in code-based application

    So,I have created my own process element in Innovation Studio using code-based application as follows: import com.bmc.arsys.rx.application.common.ServiceLocator; import com.bmc.arsys.rx.services.action.domain.Action...
    Madhura Pawar
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  • is it possible to store Web service job output value into Local variable

    is it possible to store Web service job output value into Local variable
    Ramesh Jaganathan
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  • Innovation Studio: Change properties for multiple fields

    20 votes
    In the Record Editor I would like to change properties for more than one field like we have it in developer studio.
    Klaus Sauer
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  • Ability to debug Integration Studio flow issue

    10 votes
    Tested Remedy ITSM connector to query remote Remedy. The Remedy ITSM connector as provided in the developer sandbox works OK as long as the remote Remedy provides the data queried. But if there's some issue, below is...
    Shiva Mallinar
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  • Mobile App Designer

    On Roadmap
    17 votes
    H this idea is to get a Mobile App Designer because mobility is more important than ever. And it should be able to use the apps also in an offline modus.   Vote it up! Christoph
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • [Innovation Studio] Input variable for view for selecting associated records

    12 votes
    Hey,   when using the "Association" component of the Record Editor Inputs, it is possible to select a view for the selection of associated records. You can use standard views like the PER Employee Search View, b...
    Philipp Claus
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  • Use of current user ID in Record Grid expression

    13 votes
    Hi, it would be very helpful if the current user can be used in the record grid expression. For instance I currently build a car parking place sharing app. I have created a new view which can be used that an user ca...
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • Hi Guys, i am trying to hit the REST end point but i was getting SSL handshake exception.Any idea about this ?

    Hi Guys, i am trying to hit the REST end point but i was getting SSL handshake exception.Any idea about this ?
    naveen java
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  • BMC Helix Platform Release Calendar

    Check this calendar for the upgrade and maintenance schedule by data center for BMC Helix Platform, which includes BMC Helix Innovation Suite, BMC Helix Custom Applications, BMC Helix Integration Service, BMC Helix Bu...
    Makarand Sonawane
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  • [InnovationStudio] Allowing Collections as Data Type for Input variables in Process Designer

    12 votes
    Hey,   it would be beneficial to have the option of selecting "Collection" as data type for the input variables in the process designer. This would allow to hand over multiple records selected in a Record Grid. ...
    Philipp Claus
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  • Innovation Studio: Modify Similar Properties at once in Record Editor

    8 votes
    Currently in the record editor you can only modify one field at a time. There has been a few times that I have forgotten to add groups/roles to the fields and need to go back and add them. Since many of my fields usua...
    Mitchell Maler
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  • Create people/customers/employees/vendors

    10 votes
    Use case:   1.  Create New people/customers/employees/vendors from Innovation Administrator.   2. Enter the wrong password meet strength   3. Click save   4.  Error will display the b...
    lingareddy some
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  • Record Grids (Table fields) - filtering

    12 votes
    Hi, Filtering of table fields allows to set up filters for large table fields - but this can "only" be set by using the Filter menu on the top of the table field. Easier for the user to understand would be to allow t...
    Dieter Bertram
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  • Ability to modify all record instance in once action inside innovation studio

    2 votes
    Use case is that I want to modify all /selected record instances in one click as like classic Remedy. Mostly this is from UI perspective. Which will save click and better user experience.   thanks Parshuram
    Parshuram Walunjkar
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  • Custom form, 2 views, table field on view 2 does not bring over data from view1

    Many thanks in advance: I have a custom form with 2 views. View 1 is for initial data entry, and view 2 has additional fields to work and process the ticket. I have a table field on view 2 that displays the open ticke...
    Steven Casey
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  • I am not able to login to BMC sandbox.

    BMC - Sign In  . After entering login credential and entering the button. I am getting following error. {"statusCode":500,"message":"HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error [Unknown system error.] - [dataPageType is ...
    ajay ekka
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  • SMAC 2019 - Will it or will it not happen?

    It is nearing the middle of December 2018 and SMAC 2019 should be on the minds of those who want to attend, help, or just want to know if it is going to happen.   I have been participated in the five World Wide ...
    Leonard Warren
    created by Leonard Warren