• Passing values between 2 views

    Here is the scenario again: There is a form A such as: When the 'Press' button is clicked Form B pops up : Here after pressing 'Add' I am doing some processing and generating some text say,var, and closing thi...
    Madhura Pawar
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  • Unable to export css files to Innovation Studio

    So here is my project hierarchy in eclipse: -Contents of the _custom-classes.scss file : .com-example-library-container-red-border { border:solid red 1px; } -Contents of com.example.bcp_dr.scss  and ext fi...
    Madhura Pawar
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  • Automatic filling of text fields in Innovation Studio

    How to automatically populate the text field based on some selections or click events.How does this happen in innovation studio.I am attaching a screenshot to explain the scenario. In the given image,based on some se...
    Madhura Pawar
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  • Dynamic named list

    Scenario: Consider two named lists A and B. So when I select a value from A, the selection fields for B should change accordingly. Here, depending on the type of company I am selecting, I should be displayed the name...
    Madhura Pawar
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  • Embedding Helix Views in other applications

    Hi all,   is the feature of Embedding BMC Helix Innovation Suite views in external applications - Documentation for BMC Helix Innovation Suite 18.11…  also availible on AWS Sanboxes for testing purpo...
    Tobias Buehl
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  • Developer Portal Error?

    Hi all,   tried to restart my sandbox but wasn't able to login to the Developer Portal / open the Dashboard:   Any hint on that?   Thanks in advance and kind regards,   Martin
    Martin Holle
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  • Responsive Web Layout

    Hi all,   I really appreciate the new functions, which support responsive web layout - this is a big step in the right direction, good!   What I'm struggeling with, is the navigation bar. Due to its origin...
    Martin Holle
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  • SSL Certificate Warning while accessing Innovation Suite Sandbox

    Hello,   We have noticed that some of the latest version of Chrome and Firefox browsers showing certificate warning message while accessing Innovation Suite. Though we have a valid ssl certificate, the latest b...
    Krishna Karunamoorthy
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  • AWS Innovation Suite Developer Sandbox 1811 Push1 Rollout

    Over the next few days BMC will roll out an Innovation Suite update to all the Innovation Suite sandboxes. You will receive a notice prior to the start of the upgrade. The upgrade will take about 1 hour and during tha...
  • Invalid SSL certificate prevents accessing sandbox when using Firefox

    Hi all,   has anyone faced the problem to not be enabled to access the Sandbox with Firefox?   Since upgrade to 18.11.0 I have no access and read only the following error message:   Accessing the s...
    Martin Holle
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  • Ability to debug Integration Studio flow issue

    11 votes
    Tested Remedy ITSM connector to query remote Remedy. The Remedy ITSM connector as provided in the developer sandbox works OK as long as the remote Remedy provides the data queried. But if there's some issue, below is...
    Shiva Mallinar
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  • Machine learning metrics to evaluate BMC Helix Innovation Suite Cognitive Service

    BMC Helix Innovation Suite Cognitive Service provides auto-categorization, auto-assignment, and chatbot capabilities. To improve the cognitive service data sets for these functionalities, BMC Helix Innovation Suite ve...
    Aaditi Lakade
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  • Unable to do logging in code-based application

    So,I have created my own process element in Innovation Studio using code-based application as follows: import com.bmc.arsys.rx.application.common.ServiceLocator; import com.bmc.arsys.rx.services.action.domain.Action...
    Madhura Pawar
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  • Innovation Studio: Change properties for multiple fields

    20 votes
    In the Record Editor I would like to change properties for more than one field like we have it in developer studio.
    Klaus Sauer
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  • Mobile App Designer

    On Roadmap
    17 votes
    H this idea is to get a Mobile App Designer because mobility is more important than ever. And it should be able to use the apps also in an offline modus.   Vote it up! Christoph
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • [InnovationStudio] Allowing Collections as Data Type for Input variables in Process Designer

    12 votes
    Hey,   it would be beneficial to have the option of selecting "Collection" as data type for the input variables in the process designer. This would allow to hand over multiple records selected in a Record Grid. ...
    Philipp Claus
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  • Innovation Studio: Modify Similar Properties at once in Record Editor

    8 votes
    Currently in the record editor you can only modify one field at a time. There has been a few times that I have forgotten to add groups/roles to the fields and need to go back and add them. Since many of my fields usua...
    Mitchell Maler
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  • Create people/customers/employees/vendors

    10 votes
    Use case:   1.  Create New people/customers/employees/vendors from Innovation Administrator.   2. Enter the wrong password meet strength   3. Click save   4.  Error will display the b...
    lingareddy some
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  • Record Grids (Table fields) - filtering

    12 votes
    Hi, Filtering of table fields allows to set up filters for large table fields - but this can "only" be set by using the Filter menu on the top of the table field. Easier for the user to understand would be to allow t...
    Dieter Bertram
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  • Ability to modify all record instance in once action inside innovation studio

    2 votes
    Use case is that I want to modify all /selected record instances in one click as like classic Remedy. Mostly this is from UI perspective. Which will save click and better user experience.   thanks Parshuram
    Parshuram Walunjkar
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