• How to integrate ITSM rest API in Python library for Create/Get/Search/Update/Close/Re-open/Re-assign Ticket(s), Add Comment and Get Ticket Comment.

    I need basic Rest API information like REST URL, Authentication mode and method exposed by REST API. It would great if there is python library to interact with these Rest API. Things I have gone through :   ht...
    Ganesh Jadhav
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  • An error has occurred provisioning your Innovation Studio sandbox.

    An error has occurred provisioning your Innovation Studio sandbox. Please go back to the Developer Portal and try requesting another sandbox. If the problem persists please post a message to the Developer Community re...
    samy velu
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  • Issue with Integration Server Connectivity

    I am getting this error - "You must accept the License Agreement to continue using Integration Service", when I try to login to Integration Studio. Also my integration studio is not getting connected to Innovation Stu...
    Shivam Shukla
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  • Innovation Studio - New View Component "Attachment Pool" for n Files

    15 votes
    Hi,   I want to have a new view component to attach n files to a record. It should be an "attachment pool" with that I can attach as many files as I want.   Klaus
    Klaus Sauer
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  • Improve Attachments

    2 votes
    Hi,   as a user of web applications (confluence, Jira, etc.) I am used to just drag and drop several files at once into my browser window and they are attached to my ticket. With Innovation Suite I can create m...
    Tobias Buehl
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  • unable to deploy a library in using maven to sandbox

    Hi All,   I am trying to deploy a library into sandbox using maven command after I modify the pom.xml with my server instance and credentials. I am getting User (developer) is not authenticated.   Here is ...
    Hari Krishna Varma
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  • Extending BMC Innovation Suite with your own fabulous functionality

    You know what I like about Remedy? That it allows to me to quickly build complex applications. Things like approvals and authentication, which are difficult to manage are put together quite quickly using workflow. So ...
    Justin Bakker
    created by Justin Bakker
  • Regarding Innovation Suit : Query : On-Premise to Cloud

    Hi Team,   I have a query on the usage of Innovation suit. I have tried to explore some documentation but couldn't figure out the point #2.   We are working with On-Premise Remedy 9.1 ITSM Suit. At the mo...
    Sanket Mhatre
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  • Urgent - Not able to run the process on my application on Innovation Studio, it gives error in the connection with Integration Studio.

    When I login to my Innovation Studio (https://developer6554.innovate.bmc.com/ ), but when I click on Manage Process and then try to run my process (It has a custom Connector that I have built). It takes some time and ...
    Shivam Shukla
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  • Sending email - configuration and logging

    I'm trying to send email to a user from a process with the Send Message element.  Somewhere the configuration isn't right, but I don't see how to look at the email engine logs to determine what is happening. ...
    David Fiel
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  • How to pass field values in email template? - innovation studio

    Hi Experts,      I want  to pass record field value in email template.      Is there any syntax for passing the record field value in email template?   Steps: 1. I...
    Amol Shinde
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  • Import/Export Innovation Foundation data using spoon job/spreadsheet/other resources

    Robert Curlee Dave Sulcer     As of today, we can create only Foundation data .     Using the Foundation library in your smart application - Innovation Suite Creating and managing Organization ...
    lingareddy some
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  • Innovation# Association with TextArea/Text autogrow

    3 votes
    Currently No  "detail" view to display the notes using Association.     Example:   Add Request Note in Task manage Console. You can type more than two lines worth of text into the text box above, ...
    lingareddy some
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  • Be able to add the mail information or user last name first name

    1 vote
    on Remedy ITSM we use the User ID for all process. the user ID is not easy to identiy and we can not to add column mail ou last name on incident. having only the user ID is not easy to found user and to idenfy It. we ...
    Rihab Boukhris
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  • Using Label of selection field in Alert text message of a show alert rule action

    3 votes
    When creating a rule, if you select a selection field like "Status" to display its value in the alert text of a "Show Alert" box, you get the numeric value.           I'd like the see the...
    Martin Lessard
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  • Unique rows in a record grid?

    Is there a way to filter a record grid so that only unique rows are shown?  I know I could keep the data in a separate table and filter it there, but I would rather not maintain the data in multiple places if the...
    David Fiel
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  • Permissions needed for new user?

    I created a new Agent user in the Administration->Foundation Data->Manage People->Agents page.  The user is Enabled and has an InnovationSuite User Named license.  It has the FoundationRead and both...
    David Fiel
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  • Text with Named List - get Label not Source

    11 votes
    Hi guys,   one of my view components needs a string as input. The string I want to use is the label of a named lists text field.   --> It would be great if the label of a named list text field could be ac...
    Thorsten Fleischmann
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  • Change the Named List for a field on a view based on condition

    3 votes
    In Innovation Suite we can set a named list to a field on the record definition. It would be nice to change it on a view based on a condition or better yet, on múltiple conditions having by default the "named l...
    Jose Pedro Teixeira
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  • AWS Innovation Suite Developer Sandbox 1805 Rollout

    Over the next few days BMC will roll out an Innovation Suite update to all the Innovation Suite sandboxes. You will receive a notice prior to the start of the upgrade. The upgrade will take about 1 hour and during tha...
    Krishna Karunamoorthy
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