• BMC Helix Platform Release Calendar

    On this page you can find relevant details and the calendar for upgrades and maintenance being performed for BMC Helix Platform customers.  This includes Innovation Suite and Custom Application Users, Integration...
    Makarand Sonawane
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  • Where can I find sample code for creating sample code based application using innovation Suite??

    I am new to Innovation suite.I am creating a code based sample application using innovation suite .I am following the tutorials provided but I am not able to find the sample code used in video tutorials(link not provi...
    Chaitnya Joshi
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  • An error has occurred provisioning your Innovation Studio sandbox

    I have tried to create sandbox 3 times now. I am getting the same msg:   An error has occurred provisioning your Innovation Studio sandbox. Please go back to the Developer Portal and try requesting another sand...
    Dhinesh Gunasingh
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  • Action "Set Property": Enable usage of keywords

    On Roadmap
    25 votes
    Within the action "Set Property" it would be good to have some keywords, like $USER$.   Discussion: Action "Set Property": set the current user
    Thorsten Fleischmann
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  • integration studio:Error while configuring connector

    Hi All,   I have designed a connector with an URL as a configuration parameter, which would be configured from integration studio. But this parameter(URL) is not displayed in the configuration panel. Could...
    Amol Shinde
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  • Question about integrate Innovation Studio with Watson and Slack

    Hello BMC Community,   I followed the following tutorial: Creating a Slack application - Documentation for Innovation Suite 18.02 - BMC Documentation   Finally it seems that slack is able to communicate w...
    Stephan Gasterstaedt
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  • AWS Innovation Suite Developer Sandbox 1808 Rollout

    Over the next few days BMC will roll out an Innovation Suite update to all the Innovation Suite sandboxes. You will receive a notice prior to the start of the upgrade. The upgrade will take about 1 hour and during tha...
    Krishna Karunamoorthy
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  • Not able to access Learning labs.

    I am not able to access Innovative suite learning labs. I am getting error as "We can't find that page. This could be because: The page doesn't exist. The page exists, but you don't have view permission for that space...
    ajay ekka
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  • Why Cognitive Service Learning Fails With SocketTimeoutException?

    Hello community,   just tried to re-train my data set for cognitive service in the administration, which shows the error: [ERROR (12123): Der Vorgang ist beim Anbieter für maschinelles Lernen fehlgeschlage...
    Thomas Cujé
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  • Can't create Innovation sandBox

    Hi All,   I tried to create a new innovation sandbox but i keep getting "Error Provisioning BMC Innovation Studio Sandbox" Email, innovate do not reply, any help?   Thanks, !
    Yahya Ali
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  • What means "database could not be updated"?

    Hi there,   if I try to invoke my process. I get the following error message: ERROR (38): Beim Aufrufen der benutzerdefinierten Aktion ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Die Datenbank kann nicht aktualisiert werden. L...
    Thomas Cujé
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  • Innovation Suite - Record Grid - Initial number of row - Allow full screen view

    Hi developers,   Any chance to configure the Record Grid OOTB visual component to display in full page view ? My standard one is only displaying in 'mid-view' (with only 10 rows) Thanks for the help   Thi...
    Thierry Soulie
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  • [View Component] Creating a custom container element

    Hey,   I am trying to create a view component with a custom container which basically should function like a normal container in the view designer. However, I was not able to drag and drop other components insid...
    Philipp Claus
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  • Connector Registration error:"isTrusted": true

    Hi All,   I have created a connector and able to generate it without any issue. When i try to click on Register, i am getting the below error. Can someone please help me with this error message ?   Registr...
    Rama Subbu Muthu Krishnan
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  • Question about BMC Innovation Suite - Interface to other external systems / Connection to Data Base

    Hello,   there are some questions about Innovation Suite, does anyone know the features of innovation suite?   1.  Is it possible to build an interface between the application which is built with inno...
    Zi Sang
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  • InnoStudio Process designer - Access to associations of Foundation records in expression editor

    1 vote
    Hey,   I built a process in Innovation Studio. I wanted to get all employee records that are associated with another record. When I tried to use "Get record by query" I noticed that it is not possible to choose ...
    Philipp Claus
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  • Authentication Error

    Hi Expert ,   I cant login to the Integration Studio with my username and password ?   Thanks
    Mohammad Al Taj
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  • mvn clean install

    Hi Expert ,   I have problem with "mvn clean install" command as the following :   Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601] Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.   C:\com....
    Mohammad Al Taj
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  • Innovation Studio \ connector activity \ no properties

    Hi there,   if I drag a connector activity onto the process designer grid there are no properties displayed. I did setup my connection to Integration Studio with login credentials i am able to login into Integra...
    Andreas Breid
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  • How can I schedule my sandbox availability to fit my personal working schedule?

    I'm working twice a week on my BMC Innovation Suite project. In the meantime my sandbox is shutdown everytime. This means I have to restart my sandbox whenever I want to work on my project, which takes about 15 Minute...
    Thomas Cujé
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