• Regarding Innovation Suit : Query : On-Premise to Cloud

    Hi Team,   I have a query on the usage of Innovation suit. I have tried to explore some documentation but couldn't figure out the point #2.   We are working with On-Premise Remedy 9.1 ITSM Suit. At the mo...
    Sanket Mhatre
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  • Innovation Suite based application for ticket brokering, Remedy-Jira integrations

    I would like to share with the developer community this exciting Innovation Suite based app from BMC. While the application ships with a few OOTB flows, it is commonly expected that many customers will require flows b...
    Pradeep Kumar
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  • I like to develop an App for Remedyforce and try to integrate with my product.Is there any tutorial to start with ?

    I am a developer from third-party vendor. I would like to develop an App for our product and publish in bmc marketplace.   I would like to know is there any tutorials or examples to start with.
    Venkatesh C.K
    created by Venkatesh C.K
  • Problem while installing Lunchbox tutorial 5.0 in sandbox

    I am facing the following error while following the lunchboxtutorial module 2. I uninstalled my previous project and am unable to install the given 5.0 version at the start of module 2. It gives the following error al...
    Rushil Somwanshi
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  • Failure while restarting a sandbox

    Hi,   I have restarted the sandbox but now due to timeout or some reason, it's showing a screen as "Request sandbox". Krishna Karunamoorthy can you please look at this issue? Sandbox: https://developer2961.in...
    Prachi Vispute
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  • Named List Sort Option

    On Roadmap
    7 votes
    I'd like to have an option to sort name list. the option should allow multiple sorted fields   For Example   Name list : Customer   Label and Value:  Full Name   Sorted by Last Name, First...
    Martin Lessard
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  • Eliminate automatically added parentheses

    10 votes
    This is not helpful:
    David Fiel
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  • Action "open view" - enable expression as view name to open dynamic view

    Product Team Review
    12 votes
    Hi,   it would be a nice feature to open views dynamically.   In the "open view" action one can choose a single known view. Can this actoin be axpanded by an expression editor to put in a view name dynami...
    Tobias Bühl
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  • Ability to define custom keywords

    9 votes
    I think it would make a good enhancement if we can use custom keywords. So similar to writing custom Java services, actions, etc, if would be really handy if you could define a keyword. A keyword which returns the cur...
    Justin Bakker
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  • Save as/Duplicate definitions

    On Roadmap
    24 votes
    Currently it is not possible to duplicate/copy definitions (records, views, rules, ...). I'd like to have some "save as" functionality. Would make development much easier.
    Thorsten Fleischmann
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  • Change the Named List for a field on a view based on condition

    2 votes
    In Innovation Suite we can set a named list to a field on the record definition. It would be nice to change it on a view based on a condition or better yet, on múltiple conditions having by default the "named l...
    Jose Pedro Teixeira
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  • Connectoin exception exporting application from sandbox

    Hello *,   when i try to export my application (or library) with mvn install -Pexport i get a connection timeout exception (see below).   When using -Pdeploy i also get an error and when i check the statu...
    Richard Rattmann
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  • Is it possible to change the Named List for a field on a view based on condition?

    In Innovation Suite we can set a named list to a field on the record definition. Is it possible to change it on a view based on a condition? How? Thanks and regards, JP
    Jose Pedro Teixeira
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  • 17-11 enhancements / How to start a process using an action button?

    Hi there,   Regarding release 17-11 I found this note “ Innovation Suite has been enhanced in the following areas:  ...… Start a process using Action Button…”   Source: https...
    Peter Kamberidis
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  • Unable to access innovation suite after request for restarting the sandbox

    My Innovation suite URL: https://developer5235.innovate.bmc.com/com.bmc.arsys.rx.innovationstudio/index.html First I created install package of work order library from my friend's Innovation suite and don't why but t...
    Nikhil Bansode
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  • Associate Records via JavaScript Api

    Hi all,     how do I associate records with the JavaScript API? Or to be more specific. I'm trying to associate Records that I have just created with rxRecordInstanceResource.   @ Laurent Matheo i ha...
    Richard Rattmann
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  • What's new in Innovation Suite 17-11

    Innovation Suite continues to deliver a variety of exciting features for both IT developers and LOB/business analysts including: Auto-assign/route/classify and chatbot cognitive micro-services available to developers...
    Robert Curlee
    created by Robert Curlee
  • "502 Bad Gateway" trying to connect to Innovation Studio

    Hello,   I am facing an issue trying to connect to my Sandbox. When I try to reach my sandbox instance I get the error "502 Bad Gateway" from the web page.   These are my Sandbox URLs: Innovation Studio: htt...
    Denny Tutolo
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  • How to use record definitions of a library in Global Search?

    Hi all,   I wanted to activate the Global Search feature in my Innovation Suite application and noticed that only record definitions of my application and no record definitions of the library I use in the applic...
    Martin Holle
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  • Innovation Studio: Modify Similar Properties at once in Record Editor

    On Roadmap
    8 votes
    Currently in the record editor you can only modify one field at a time. There has been a few times that I have forgotten to add groups/roles to the fields and need to go back and add them. Since many of my fields usua...
    Mitchell Maler
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