• How to integrate ITSM rest API in Python library for Create/Get/Search/Update/Close/Re-open/Re-assign Ticket(s), Add Comment and Get Ticket Comment.

    I need basic Rest API information like REST URL, Authentication mode and method exposed by REST API. It would great if there is python library to interact with these Rest API. Things I have gone through :   ht...
    Ganesh Jadhav
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  • An error has occurred provisioning your Innovation Studio sandbox.

    An error has occurred provisioning your Innovation Studio sandbox. Please go back to the Developer Portal and try requesting another sandbox. If the problem persists please post a message to the Developer Community re...
    samy velu
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  • Unable to access the integration studio

    I'm new to the remedy. I have created the sandbox environment and able to login the innovation studio. but not able to login the integration studio. I have used the email (login ID) as user. Please help me to login? ...
    Sivabalan A N
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  • Copy To New function

    New to using Smart IT Universal 1.6. I haven't used Remedy since 7.6.4 version. I wanted to know if the Copy To New feature can still be used in Smart IT Universal Client 1.6 ver? If not is there something similar to ...
    Victor Pierce
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  • 503 service unavailble in salesforce

    hello salesforce experts developers, urgently required?????     I will try to frame my question in short.     End Goal : REST API Integration from Salesforce to sap application     SU...
    karim syed
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  • How to consume rest api generated from third party ITSM tool.

    Hello Experts, we are at Remedy 9.0.4, please guide us to consuming rest api generated from third party ITSM tool.
    Ganesh Raut
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  • In Innovation Suite, while creating trigger with timer events, it runs twice or thrice

    Hello, I am creating a business rule in innovation suite, when i give trigger type as timer event, The rule runs twice or thrice. Why is this happening? Thankyou.
    Jitesh Agarwal
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  • Top 5 Javascript Frameworks.pptx

    Among all the web frameworks, JavaScript continues to be at the top. Recently, it was also included in the list of best programming languages to learn by IBM. At this stage, JavaScript is used for both server- and cli...
    Yuvan Asav
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  • ARERR [9130] Message not in catalog; Message number = 9130 : ; nested exception is:  java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused

    Request you to guide on below points:   Basic parameters required to  connect remedy 7.6 to servicenow Whether remedy 7.6 supports REST webservices Simple step wise example to create incident ticket from ...
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  • SQL fail when I change base from custom form

    Hi;   When I change a base form custom form SQL shows me the fail:     I need change to base the SHR:LandingConsole. Can you help me please?   Thanks Best regards Aarón
    Aaron Garcia
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  • When do we need to re-login on AR System...any changes to objects or removing/adding objects?

    This question is asked in interview...Please respond... and anything related to it.
    Prashant Aggarwal
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  • What is the use of arcontainer table in AR database schema?

    when do u need arcontainer and arreference table ?
    Prashant Aggarwal
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  • how mid tier server reference Ar System forms and objects?

    All the forms and objects are deployed on ar system server. The mid tier is a client for ar server but server for browser. How mid tier stores all modification performed on objects and render it?
    Prashant Aggarwal
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  • Midtier excel import is not importing data from csv file

    Hello Everyone,   I am trying to implement midtier excel import. I want to import two fields from csv file(eg.first name and last name). first name  is mandatory and last name is optional. I mapped both fi...
    Neha Donge
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