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Urban Dictionary: bubblification


Bubbles has been on my mind for a while, and it started with the BMC Engage 2016 Bubble Agenda by, where I wanted to show all 200+ Engage sessions at the same time on one screen.


I wanted to have more of an organic interactive feel than a boring table/matrix display.


Using size, position, color and shape, the bubbles paradigm can convey a lot of information in a limited space. If you add real time animation and interaction, such clicking and dragging, you get a very powerful tool for working with your data, both reading and writing.


The new Innovation Studio gives me the opportunity to package the Bubbles concept into a reusable component, to allow any Remedy Administrator to use it. The Bubbles component can be used on any data showing up to maybe 500 objects simultaneously.


After deploying the Bubbles component in Innovation Studio, you can just drag it into your View and configure on which data it should act.


I first built this as a stand alone web page making heavy use of the Javascript package D3js. I then integrated my code in Innovation Studio as a View Component, and finally made it generic and configurable.


I love the way Innovation Studio makes it possible to seamlessly extend it with any functionality you are missing. Be it on the server side with Java, or on the client side with Javascript, HTML and CSS.


Innovator House Development Team: Anders Wilhelm Laurent Matheo Misi Mladoniczky


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