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1 Post authored by: Laurent Matheo Moderator
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I am a proud member of the Infamous Innovator House team with Anders Wilhelm, Jason Miller, LJ LongWing and Misi Mladoniczky . We all worked on "We Enterprise".


My main focus was to integrate the components designed by Anders Wilhelm and Misi Mladoniczky into a Smart Application and debug them / make them work together in harmony.

We decided to use GitHub to host and share our custom components and Smart App source code. Since we were working on different timezone (US Pacific /  Central Europe) this was a huge advantage to be sure we were not impacting other developer code, easily review the modifications and insure perfect code-line merging.


As a tinkerer, working with BMC Innovation Suite was quite exciting and fun. I could, OOTB, connect my Java Eclipse Environment to the server to watch & debug my back-end Java implementations (custom rest apis or services), and use Grunt to do the same on the UI / Javascript side (without having to deploy the app again).


I would consider Innovation Suite as a fun and powerful Sandbox where you can put together in a same app BMC OOTB components, rules and processes with your own Custom Java (components / REST apis) or Javascript (UI/Logic) code quite easily in a seamless and neat end result.