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BMC is excited to work with our Partner KTSL, as they hosts the first BMC Innovator House with enterprise developers in the UK. With the upcoming release of BMC Innovation Suite, KTSL is working with their Customers, Unilever and IBM to build an app to showcase at BMC Exchange London.


BMC Innovation Suite is a brand new solution that empowers developers and business analysts to co-create powerful enterprise apps with stunning user experiences.


The UK Innovator House program kicked off today, October 18  and will run through October 20 in a grand house in Surrey. The KTSL Remedy development team  joined by BMC Lead Developers, BMC Product Management and several enterprise developers came together to build an app. Developers are excited to test the power and simplicity of the new platform. Stay tune for more updates ...

UK House Collage.jpg

BMC UK Innovator House

  • Aaron Perrott, KTSL CTO "test drives" BMC Innovation Suite
  • Customer Developers: Unilever and Legal & Counsel
  • #BMC_Innovator #BMC_Developer

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