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"Secure Site Visitor App," developed by Fusion Business Solutions is an application for the management of visitors to secure environments such as Data Centres, Government Offices or any other security conscious site. With a variety of contractors, visitors and staff attending offices and sensitive areas and secure sites across your company, tracking and managing the risks presented is vital.


The idea behind the Secure Site Visitor App is fairly simple, the application first allows users to quickly and easily request access for a visitor to the required location. Once requested, it creates an auditable approval and clearance process for the new visitor. The visitor can directly receive confirmation once approval is granted. Finally, it monitors the real time access of visitors’ entry and exit from a site. It is worth noting that visitors can be checked in and out manually or even have the status updates linked to automated check in or security systems.

This application is the result of the collaborative work of several of Fusion Business Solutions’ developers. Guruprasad Balachandra has been one of the key developers working on the project. It was spawned as a result of the needs of many of Fusion’s security conscious clients and our vast experience working in secure environments.


“We looked at how we could help manage the needs of some of our customers with strictly regulated organisations that require the highest levels of clearance to get in and out. Making this process as clear and simple as possible was our top priority. Out of the box the App may not suit everyone’s needs but it is very simple for us to customise it to suit individual requirements.” explained Guru.


Secure Site Visitor App 1.0 is available from BMC’s Marketplace from September 8th 2016. Daren Goeson


Congrats to Fusion for placing 2nd place in the App Showcase at Engage 2016! Daniel Swann