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The suite is a cloud-based dev environment that's tailored for third-party developers and freelancers, as well as partner and customer app developers. The suite includes:

  • Innovation Studio: Simple, intuitive drag-and-drop UI to do codeless innovation
  • SDK: A set of tools and samples that is integrated with the studio
  • Library of connectors and components: Capabilities that can be used to extend and configure when building powerful applications
  • REST APIs: APIs required to integrate with external systems
  • Developer Education: Self-learning content


Robin Purohit, group ESO president at BMC, says the suite is a major step forward in our commitment to developers.


“We support ‘no-code, low-code, and pro-code’ developer environment capabilities,” he said. “This new suite empowers business users and enterprise developers to accelerate digital apps and services getting to market through agile app development, and will offer a huge competitive advantage to those companies adopting it.”