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"Secure Site Visitor App," developed by Fusion Business Solutions is an application for the management of visitors to secure environments such as Data Centres, Government Offices or any other security conscious site. With a variety of contractors, visitors and staff attending offices and sensitive areas and secure sites across your company, tracking and managing the risks presented is vital.


The idea behind the Secure Site Visitor App is fairly simple, the application first allows users to quickly and easily request access for a visitor to the required location. Once requested, it creates an auditable approval and clearance process for the new visitor. The visitor can directly receive confirmation once approval is granted. Finally, it monitors the real time access of visitors’ entry and exit from a site. It is worth noting that visitors can be checked in and out manually or even have the status updates linked to automated check in or security systems.

This application is the result of the collaborative work of several of Fusion Business Solutions’ developers. Guruprasad Balachandra has been one of the key developers working on the project. It was spawned as a result of the needs of many of Fusion’s security conscious clients and our vast experience working in secure environments.


“We looked at how we could help manage the needs of some of our customers with strictly regulated organisations that require the highest levels of clearance to get in and out. Making this process as clear and simple as possible was our top priority. Out of the box the App may not suit everyone’s needs but it is very simple for us to customise it to suit individual requirements.” explained Guru.


Secure Site Visitor App 1.0 is available from BMC’s Marketplace from September 8th 2016. Daren Goeson


Congrats to Fusion for placing 2nd place in the App Showcase at Engage 2016! Daniel Swann



The Innovation Suite

Posted by Alexis Brown Sep 13, 2016
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The suite is a cloud-based dev environment that's tailored for third-party developers and freelancers, as well as partner and customer app developers. The suite includes:

  • Innovation Studio: Simple, intuitive drag-and-drop UI to do codeless innovation
  • SDK: A set of tools and samples that is integrated with the studio
  • Library of connectors and components: Capabilities that can be used to extend and configure when building powerful applications
  • REST APIs: APIs required to integrate with external systems
  • Developer Education: Self-learning content


Robin Purohit, group ESO president at BMC, says the suite is a major step forward in our commitment to developers.


“We support ‘no-code, low-code, and pro-code’ developer environment capabilities,” he said. “This new suite empowers business users and enterprise developers to accelerate digital apps and services getting to market through agile app development, and will offer a huge competitive advantage to those companies adopting it.”

Developers @ Engage

Posted by Alexis Brown Sep 13, 2016
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At Engage, we unveiled the beta version of a new Innovation Suite  for developers. The cloud-based development environment is designed to empower developers and business analysts to co-create powerful enterprise apps with stunning user experiences.


When it launches later this year, the free suite will be available for both Remedy and non-Remedy developers to consume and build modern digital apps. It will initially be offered on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing platform. To drive adoption and support of this new approach, BMC is also launching the BMC Developer Program.


As part of this Developer Program, BMC hosted the Innovator Bus at the start of Engage 2016 — real-life developers came together and traveled from Los Angeles to Las Vegas all together to get a feel for the innovation suite. On the bus, they were able to use the suite and talk to "BMC gurus" who actually designed the suite, and they got the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other developers.


Watch the BMC 2016 Innovator Bus Video


Once in Las Vegas and at the conference, the developers hung out in the Developer Lounge in the Innovation Hall. Partner apps were featured in the lounge, and there was a booth for developer sign-up to the BMC Developer program.


Hear what they had to say from the Developer Lounge:

Guruprasad Balachandra, Fusion

Daniel Musial andLukasz Piech, Capgemini


The new BMC Marketplace, which was launched last week, will also help these developers — it gives them an avenue to market and monetize their work, building a brand with BMC.

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BMC kicked off Engage 2016 with the BMC Innovator Bus Ride, where developers from across the world will ride and code from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. While on the bus, they will get exclusive sneak-peak preview and early access to BMC innovations that will be shared at Engage. They will also get hands-on experience building custom applications as well as the opportunity to interact with BMC engineers and product managers. Upon arrival at the Aria® Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, they will have the opportunity to showcase apps built on BMC Innovation Studio at the Developer Lounge, part of the IT Innovation Zone featuring over 75 demonstrations and more than 100 BMC ecosystem partners and sponsors. They will also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite app while learning more about BMC's Developer Portal and Developer Community.


Who was on the bus?

Dave Sulcer Doug Mueller Jiayi Gu Laurent Matheo LJ LongWing Robert Curlee Rick Westbrock Daniel Bloom Doug Blair Misi MladoniczkyJohn Geczy

Anders Wilhelm Duane Burdick lingareddy some Douglas Hynes Guruprasad Balachandra @Brian Keith Amol Kale @amol Pathak

Daniel Musiał Lukasz Piech Jameer Inamdar Jason Miller Rob Wherry Brian Zaik @Chris Kent @ vibay.chandra @krunal.thanki @heidi.choy May Bakken


Passengers - Let us know if you see your BMC Innovator Badge virtually to your BMC Communities profile. Let the "Gamification" begin! Alexis Brown Matt Laurenceau


Innovator Bus 2016 with logo.jpg

Re-live the experience by watching the BMC Innovator Bus Highlight Video

Follow us on Twitter: BMC_Developer

Facebook Live: Check out the live feed on the bus.


More pictures coming! Stay tuned...


Please leave us a comment if you want to ride on next year's BMC Innovator Bus to Engage 2017!


Want to partner with us on some fun Developer events? Contact:

Developer Photo/Selfies: See #bmcengage


Vidhya Srinivasan Michele McFadden Bhanu Singh Steve Wong

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I am a proud member of the Infamous Innovator House team with Anders Wilhelm, Jason Miller, LJ LongWing and Misi Mladoniczky . We all worked on "We Enterprise".


My main focus was to integrate the components designed by Anders Wilhelm and Misi Mladoniczky into a Smart Application and debug them / make them work together in harmony.

We decided to use GitHub to host and share our custom components and Smart App source code. Since we were working on different timezone (US Pacific /  Central Europe) this was a huge advantage to be sure we were not impacting other developer code, easily review the modifications and insure perfect code-line merging.


As a tinkerer, working with BMC Innovation Suite was quite exciting and fun. I could, OOTB, connect my Java Eclipse Environment to the server to watch & debug my back-end Java implementations (custom rest apis or services), and use Grunt to do the same on the UI / Javascript side (without having to deploy the app again).


I would consider Innovation Suite as a fun and powerful Sandbox where you can put together in a same app BMC OOTB components, rules and processes with your own Custom Java (components / REST apis) or Javascript (UI/Logic) code quite easily in a seamless and neat end result.




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Urban Dictionary: bubblification


Bubbles has been on my mind for a while, and it started with the BMC Engage 2016 Bubble Agenda by, where I wanted to show all 200+ Engage sessions at the same time on one screen.


I wanted to have more of an organic interactive feel than a boring table/matrix display.


Using size, position, color and shape, the bubbles paradigm can convey a lot of information in a limited space. If you add real time animation and interaction, such clicking and dragging, you get a very powerful tool for working with your data, both reading and writing.


The new Innovation Studio gives me the opportunity to package the Bubbles concept into a reusable component, to allow any Remedy Administrator to use it. The Bubbles component can be used on any data showing up to maybe 500 objects simultaneously.


After deploying the Bubbles component in Innovation Studio, you can just drag it into your View and configure on which data it should act.


I first built this as a stand alone web page making heavy use of the Javascript package D3js. I then integrated my code in Innovation Studio as a View Component, and finally made it generic and configurable.


I love the way Innovation Studio makes it possible to seamlessly extend it with any functionality you are missing. Be it on the server side with Java, or on the client side with Javascript, HTML and CSS.


Innovator House Development Team: Anders Wilhelm Laurent Matheo Misi Mladoniczky


Related Blogs:

Software development on BMC Innovation Suite {"We Enterprise - Crowd sourcing App" #Part 1: What is it?}

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I was part of a team at the BMC Innovator house in Palo Alto the first week of august, thrown head first into Smart Applications on Innovation Studio. Halfway through the week we decided to build We Enterprise, crowd sourcing for employees. It is meant to encourage and track idea spawning. Think Kick starter, but with hours as currency.





Employees can pitch proposals it might be anything from volunteer proposals like wildness and charity events to innovation projects as well and social events. Their colleagues can participate by pledging hours. We early came up with an idea on how to visualize all proposals that may be active. Gone are table-fields. Hello ”Bubbles”.






Check out Misi Mladoniczky blog-entry on how he implemented the bubbles-view component we used. 


BMC Innovation Suite


With Innovation Suite we quickly built a data model and basic processes for proposals / pledgers as an interface for view component and integration coders. I continued with building  a configurable process and code custom services for application logic. We also implemented REST- functions for Create, Read, Update and Set-generators (which the components use). The UI was put together using custom view components.


We completed the logic using custom process engine service. The process engine is a giant leap compared to old school Remedy-coding, I like the way it becomes very concise and easy to overview as well as customize.  What I most like with Innovation Suite is that it is a feature rich framework but also built for being extended.


Innovator House Development Team: Misi Mladoniczky Laurent Matheo Anders Wilhelm


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Come visit the BMC Developer Lounge at the IT Innovation Zone. We are located at Booth 107.  Attendees from past conferences have requested more technical BMC staff to be on hand at Engage and we heard you loud and clear. Teresa Rocha Susan Derrick Jason Frye


Developer Lounge is the hub for developers @ Engage. We hope that that lounge will provide some opportunities for you to:


Lots of FUN stuff going on at the lounge so keep on coming back daily @Engage!


Attend Session 727: The BMC Developer Experience

Wednesday, September 7, 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm - Room: Juniper 4

Description: Witness the new developer experience at BMC! In this session, we’ll walk you through a developer’s engagement at BMC starting with the developer portal, where developers find information on why they would develop on BMC, how they get started and signed up, and how they gain access to the developer ecosystem for support. This is a great opportunity to gain insight into the various developer programs and events. We’ll also introduce you to the BMC Marketplace, a digital experience where developers can publish and showcase their innovations.



Vidhya Srinivasan Michele McFadden David Giles Matt Laurenceau Shadab Ashraf Laurent Matheo Andrew Pai