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Neeti Rai
This is wrt a sandbox where I am trying to undeploy or redeploy back the application but both fail.   I had upgraded the app to push 1, tried back the same , still same. I had tried undeploying the… (Show more)
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Justin Bakker
I think it would make a good enhancement if we can use custom keywords. So similar to writing custom Java services, actions, etc, if would be really handy if you could define a keyword. A keyword…
Martin Holle
For security reasons, a login is exactly what you need to authenticate and authorize users. However, applications are also conceivable and often occur in practice, where access control and…
Arun Kumaar Gunaseelan
Guys,   I'm working on an AIF with few SQL menus on it, when we try to open them system prompts this error message - Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System server : Connection… (Show more)
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Ella John
Hi all, I have created a RDD like follows:       My question is how to read data from checkpoint directory
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gnana sekar
Hello Experts,   I am using PDFBox lib to render content of PDF. There are some limitations (Type1 fonts are not supported, CMYK images are not supported, operators MP, PD, BMC, BDC and EMC are not… (Show more)
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Jitesh Agarwal
Hello, I am creating a business rule in innovation suite, when i give trigger type as timer event, The rule runs twice or thrice. Why is this happening? Thankyou.
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Keyuri Pophale
Hi,   While uninstalling application from innovation studio, i am getting UNDEPLOY_PACKAGE_ERROR. I even tried undeploying application by command.   Here is the entire error:… (Show more)
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Indah Nurapriani
hi, I made a regular form on the developer studio, in the "IP Address" character field. I put an ip adress pattern in the property like this:… (Show more)
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