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Sileem Hassan
Hi, What I want is really simple: The 'All Matching IDs' Flag within Service Actions. One example why this could be useful:   You want to submit a request in a form which contains many fields…
Joern Droenner
Hi community, from BAO I start a web request and get an XML (see below). First I get the "status" (the marked "success") to check the status of the interface. I use the XPath… (Show more)
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Madhura Pawar
So,I have created my own process element in Innovation Studio using code-based application as follows: import com.bmc.arsys.rx.application.common.ServiceLocator; import… (Show more)
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Stephan Gasterstaedt
Hello Community ,   I have a requirement from a customer,that we need to parse a string list of the form: userloginId1,userLoginId2,userLogintId3,...,(and so on) and send to every people inside that… (Show more)
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Sumit Swaroop
I need a test instance for BMC Remedy ITSM to test the incident creation and other basic operations. Actually, i want to test incident creation through REST API and for that i need to have access to… (Show more)
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Tobias Buehl
Hi all,   i have a very simple custom java action and it works fine on my sanbox. I was able to deploy the application to my BDC Environment (Application Configuration "Digital Service Management… (Show more)
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Mostafa Ibrahin
Hi All,  I would to automate our deployment of remedy solution applied with bmc develper studio to be done through jenkins but I can’t find any refrence for such this implementation
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PengCheng Wang
We found patrol for Oracle 9.7.11 km is using lots of sql queries without using “specific Variable type to execute”, one sql query can’t occupy high shared_pool resource, but lots of sql queries will…
Jek Wong
On this page you can find relevant details and the calendar for upgrades and maintenance being performed for BMC Helix Platform customers.  This includes Innovation Suite and Custom Application…
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dan bockover
In DWP 3.5, you cannot reorder or copy Actions within a questionnaire.  Development would be easier if this were available.
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