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Ganesh Jadhav
I need basic Rest API information like REST URL, Authentication mode and method exposed by REST API. It would great if there is python library to interact with these Rest API. Things I have gone… (Show more)
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Ritesh Bhatt
Can you please let us know whether we can add button in Innovation Suite Chatbot in the response received from Watson
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Thomas Cujé
I'm working twice a week on my BMC Innovation Suite project. In the meantime my sandbox is shutdown everytime. This means I have to restart my sandbox whenever I want to work on my project, which… (Show more)
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Shivam Shukla
I am getting this error - "You must accept the License Agreement to continue using Integration Service", when I try to login to Integration Studio. Also my integration studio is not getting connected… (Show more)
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Ramiro Agudelo
The value of the status in MyIT email notifications is appearing in english when the rest of message is in Spanish. Again this is MyIT email generated notification, nothing to do with ITSM Emails.
Frederick Bennett
In the 'Relate Items' pane when relating an existing item to a record, text Summaries display for every record type except for Change Requests and Problem Investigations.   How will we know what…
Tobias Bühl
In the application "Data Management Console", it is possible to download attachments out of a record grid:     Unfortunateley, this feature seems to be availible only in the application's custom… (Show more)
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Klaus Sauer
Hi,   I want to have a new view component to attach n files to a record. It should be an "attachment pool" with that I can attach as many files as I want.   Klaus
Tobias Bühl
Hi,   as a user of web applications (confluence, Jira, etc.) I am used to just drag and drop several files at once into my browser window and they are attached to my ticket. With Innovation Suite I…
Hari Krishna Varma
Hi All,   I am trying to deploy a library into sandbox using maven command after I modify the pom.xml with my server instance and credentials. I am getting User (developer) is not authenticated.  … (Show more)
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