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Arati Chirame
I have SR "Exchange" and it has 5 task linked to it. Also i have set execution order for it. But while i close 1st task on console, 2nd task in not creating, instead of this 4th task is generated.… (Show more)
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Dhinesh Gunasingh
I have tried to create sandbox 3 times now. I am getting the same msg:   An error has occurred provisioning your Innovation Studio sandbox. Please go back to the Developer Portal and try requesting… (Show more)
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Thorsten Fleischmann
Within the action "Set Property" it would be good to have some keywords, like $USER$.   Discussion: Action "Set Property": set the current user
Jek Wong
On this page you can find relevant details and the calendar for upgrades and maintenance being performed for BMC Helix Platform customers.  This includes Innovation Suite and Custom Application…
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Danielle Chard
I have a custom object field that has resolution category and resolution method. I associate the method with the category in the Field Dependency screen. When I do preview I can chose a record type.… (Show more)
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Amol Shinde
Hi All,   I have designed a connector with an URL as a configuration parameter, which would be configured from integration studio. But this parameter(URL) is not displayed in the configuration… (Show more)
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Stephan Gasterstaedt
Hello BMC Community,   I followed the following tutorial: Creating a Slack application - Documentation for Innovation Suite 18.02 - BMC Documentation   Finally it seems that slack is able to… (Show more)
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Frederick Bennett
In the 'Relate Items' pane when relating an existing item to a record, text Summaries display for every record type except for Change Requests and Problem Investigations.   How will we know what…
Alessandro Fenzi
Hi, when I call createEntry API method on a Form the Filters related to the Form must be abled on Merge Execution Options to run the Actions?   Regards Alessandro
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Krishna Karunamoorthy
Over the next few days BMC will roll out an Innovation Suite update to all the Innovation Suite sandboxes. You will receive a notice prior to the start of the upgrade. The upgrade will take about 1… (Show more)
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