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Christopher Little

DevOps Cavemen?

Posted by Christopher Little Oct 31, 2011
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VMware recently announced -- wait for it -- VMware is "now with DevOps!"

I've been warning folks for months the day would come where we'd see "now with DevOps!" like a pox on the vendor scene. With VMware's entrance, that day is here.

It gets worse.

VMware went and published a video that doesn't just imply Ops admins are cave dwellers, it actually portrays them as . . . cavemen. Clubs and all.


There's a coherent approach: love DevOps because it's hot term but view DevOps customers as cavemen? Cognitive dissonance much?

This caveman pitch is a classic example of lost connection between the committee meeting room and the outside world -- and it's going to be for VMware similar to where Chevrolet once was, wondering why the Nova just isn't selling in Spanish-speaking countries.


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