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It is difficult to find someone in the IT industry, if anywhere, who has not seen the movie ‘The Matrix’.  Recall the scene where Neo first goes to meet the Oracle.  Before meeting the Oracle, in the adjoining room, he meets a small child who he watches bend a spoon with his mind.  As Neo stares at him, stunned, he hands Neo the spoon and says, “Do not try to bend the spoon.  That’s impossible.  Instead, only try to realize the truth… There is no spoon… then you will see; it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.


As silly as it may sound, I use this analogy in everyday conversation with the consultants in our Automation Practice to reiterate to them how I expect them to approach their job, and to explain to customers the importance of organizational change to facilitate value realization.  I am still frequently amazed by how often I meet people within our customers who do not appreciate this very important point.  Too many people expect an enterprise software solution to be plug-and-play, and the business to receive real value of that solution without expending any real effort.


Some years ago, I had a customer adamantly exclaim to me they should not have to change how they work to get value from our solution, but that they expect the solution to change to fit their processes.  In that very same customer, years later, a colleague of this individual explained to his peers in a meeting that BMC solutions do not necessarily provide value per se, but that our solutions enable a tremendous value and that, as an organization, they must adopt the solution and adopt new ways of working to realize the value that BMC solutions enable.


The latter individual could not have been more correct.  In my analogy above, BMC’s IT solutions are the spoon and as BMC – especially BMC Consulting Services – our job is to help our customers understand the best way to bend around the spoon.  We recognize that adoption is the key to our customers’ realizing value from our solutions. But adoption is not always about pushing buttons.  It is also about pushing buttons, but includes beyond that: process integration, the business alignment and dependence, attachment to business initiatives and internal project delivery, and the increasing capabilities of users and centres of excellence.


I am… perhaps notorious is the correct word... among my colleagues for standing on my soapbox and proselytizing Adoption at every opportunity, specifically regarding Automation solutions such as BladeLogic and Atrium Orchestrator.  Of course, what better way to preach from my soapbox than through this blog!  As the weeks and months pass, I shall focus on the theme of Adoption: types & definitions of adoption, reasons for adoption throughout various levels of organizations, obstacles to adoption, management of adoption, adoption assurance, organizational change to facilitate adoption and other related thoughts around this topic.