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Several reports are out with the 2010 smartphone and mobile device shipment data and some interesting trends are appearing;


  • 30% of Q4 2010 activations were of Android OS devices
  • 65% of Q4 activations were of Apple iOS ( iphone/ipdad) devices


So the numbers confirm what several publications such as WindowsIT Pro have been reporting as well as several analysts such as Gigaom, Forrester.  Is this the end of the crackberry craze (The ITSMguy is still hooked) and what of Nokia?  Does it have an enterprise play?  If the numbers continue, I guess we will have to ditch the buttons and jump on the touch screen bandwagon.ipad.jpg


So the question for today is; How are you managing mobile devices in your enterprise?


The ITSMguy will track down some of the top minds within BMC and share some additional information on this area.


There is also a great whitepaper from BMC by Doug Mueller on managing mobile devices in the enterprise.