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I think it will be a very different kind of world that we’re actually supporting in operations in five years from now....


Here at BMC, we spend a lot of time thinking about the future of cloud computing — what it means for IT organizations, for businesses, and for the CIOs who have to make information technology work for businesses.


We asked our own CIO, Mark Settle, to write a “letter from 2015” describing how cloud computing will evolve and how CIOs will need to change their thinking to make the most effective use of it.future cloud.jpg


To get some perspective on cloud computing, software as a service, and the changing landscape of IT we talked with Mark to get his views.  In this interview Mark discusses what the future will look like and the changes occurring at BMC.



For Additional reading on this area, download a copy of Mark’s BMC Industry Insight (white paper) …Looking Ahead:  A Cloud Report From 2015 (pdf)