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Being a member of the BMC Control-M Community is just one step to stay connected. Did you know we have several other communities as well?



Facebook facebook-icon.png

The facebook page is used to alert members of new information, and to repost classic information that new members may have missed. For instance... do you know where to go for Control-M training? Did you know where to find Control-M case studies? Do you know where to find Control-M experts at BMC Software? Are you attending a trade show, conference, or seminar? ...will Control-M be there?



twitter-icon.pngIf you like short-to-the-point messages, Twitter is for you. You don't even need to be an active conversationalist on Twitter. You can simply open an account and listen. We will have short versions of the same posts from facebook, updates from this community, and Reposted information from our ControlM fans, users, and experts that we think Control-M users may find useful.




This group is ran by you. That's what makes the Linkedin Community unique. No hard selling, not overran by BMC Software employees. This community is full Control-M users, Control-M job recruiters, and Control-M specialists. There are daily conversation strings, much like the ones on this BMC Community. Post, share, explore.