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Making a strategic change can help you align your efforts with the results the business desires


changing-the-game.jpgAuthor:  Brian Johnson, BMC Software


As Business Service Management continues to revolutionize the way IT and business work together, it’s imperative for IT to align day-to-day operations with business goals and priorities. A unified workload automation solution enables you to schedule batch workloads based on business needs and aligns IT efforts in a way that directly supports the business.


One way to ensure this is through day-to-day management of dynamic workloads. Real-time and batch workloads must be balanced with allocating IT resources to meet business requirements and service level agreements. IT environments have become a mixture of virtual and physical infrastructure, expanding the resource pools for processing. Traditional, static, job scheduling tools and processes no longer meet the dynamic needs of a business, creating the need for IT staff to manually keep up with changes. This causes increased personnel costs, missed service levels that are costly to the business, and wasted IT application and server resources.  By implementing dynamic workload management, IT can ensure that day-to-day operations enable business growth rather than impeding it.


Enabling business growth is one of the primary missions of world-class IT organizations. A unified workload automation solution allows IT to better respond to business needs, enabling the business to expand more quickly. Workload automation will enable you to more effectively address new business requirements, particularly those around virtualization. You’ll be better able to meet critical business SLAs – which means more satisfied customers and the ability to grow your business. A comprehensive workload automation solution will also allow you to predict the service impact of proposed changes, making the planning process much more effective.


Moving to a unified workload automation solution will enable you to better align IT with business goals, manage dynamic workloads and enable business growth.  Read the Industry Insights in-depth article to find out how you can change your game and elevate your business.

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