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In the final excerpt from our interview with Clyde, he discusses the future of DevOps.




Tom:  Where do you see DevOps going over the next two or three years? Now that’s the question I’ve been waiting to get to.


Clyde Logue:  Well, I think we’re really excited here at BMC because we think DevOps is really one of those overarching things that is going to be important in a variety of different ways in terms of helping companies adopt Cloud technology. You know Dev-Test is an important piece of any Cloud business case. And DevOps is critical to companies using Dev-Test environments in a more effective and efficient way.



And we’re also seeing DevOps as really being an umbrella of delivery of code to end-to-end application enhancement to production environments.



So that cycle, if you will,what we’re starting to call the DevOps cycle, it’s becoming less of a gap – you know the distance between Dev and Ops – it’s more of a cycle where code is enhanced, code gets deployed to preproduction environments and ultimately deployed to production. It’s monitored in production.  It’s even tested in production. Then it flows very quickly back and updates issues that were reported back through ITSM or BSM, and flow back to the operations team where they can then be repaired, enhanced and brought back into production.



So DevOps is a critical capability. The DevOps cycle is that overview of how all the pieces of your application lifecycle get brought together: the environment side of a Cloud, the monitoring side with service assurance solutions, the ITSM side in terms of managing the process, and then finally your Dev tooling that you have today, and bringing all that together into a very DevOps cycle is going to be a goal for companies as we move forward.


Tom:  So, Clyde, summing it all, what would you think are the most critical things to be considering with regards to benefits of implementing DevOps-type software?


Clyde Logue:  Well, I think the goal clearly with DevOps, and implementing DevOps, is enabling your development, your operations teams, your DevOps teams, to see the end-to-end impact of change and release, which ultimately enable faster delivery and Agile response to business needs.