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There have been a lot of great discussions and differing points of view about DevOps and what it means since Patrick Debois coined the word in late 2009. The organic growth has been spontaneous and lightning quick, from inception to spontaneous meet-ups occurring globally to sold-out DevOps Days around the world. It took mere months after coining the term for the first iteration of the Wikipedia DevOps entry to appear (I remember the timing well because . . . I wrote it).  And many amazing folks have emerged to move the discussion forward and today DevOps is a mainstream movement (heck, it's even a job title now).


And there are a lot of awesome DevOps blogs out there now (Debois, Rockwood, Edwards, several others, etc.). So why am I starting this one? I’m going to kick off this DevOps blog with an announcement of "The DevOps Leadership Series".


Basically, all of these great voices on DevOps are scattered all over and the idea is to have their perspective — or a small representation of it — gathered all in one spot, right here. One spot to go to. We’ve already got some great interviews and more are in the works. So, BMC can have this Series bring together various thought leaders, users and visionaries in the DevOps space to record their points of view.


And now onto our very first Leadership interview with the guy who started it, Patrick Debois, as he discusses what DevOps is, how he came to coin the term, and what DevOps is not.