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Our Cloud Viewpoint contribution today is from David Sung, Executive Vice President of Product Development, QTS (Quality Technology Services). QTS is the third largest data center provider in the US and provides core data center services - custom data center services, colocation services, and cloud services - to meet the varied infrastructure requirements of its customers' Web services environments.



If your IT infrastructure is like that of many companies, managing it all can become overwhelming.


Management includes purchasing IT infrastructure and licenses for the applications the company runs and hiring enough IT staff to ensure everything is operational. The result might be a complex and expensive environment just to do business, and the complexity and expense become greater as the business grows.


Perhaps IT now faces maintenance and scalability issues that you don't want to manage yourself. Maybe the IT infrastructure is running smoothly, but you need some assistance here and there? Or maybe your company is a start-up that's not yet ready to invest in and manage a comprehensive IT infrastructure. It's time to look for help. External IT infrastructure providers can offer solutions through three important approaches: custom data centers, colocation, and cloud.


Success points to consider:

  • Understand your business and technology requirements very specifically.
  • Think ahead of time with a partner.
  • Look for a vendor that will work with your company’s IT architecture and its needs for today and tomorrow.
  • Find an external IT provider that is focused on the business and on being a business partner.
  • Take a holistic view of your environment, and consider the advantages of a single vendor.


Whether your company wants to offload or expand its IT infrastructure, external IT service providers can help through custom data centers, colocation, and cloud. By articulating the business and technology requirements, planning ahead, working with a partner, and taking a holistic view of the IT environment, you can set a foundation for your company's IT future.

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