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Posted by Lilac Schoenbeck Nov 15, 2010
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Far be it for me to toot my own horn, but I'm presenting this week at the UP 2010 virtual conference. The presentation is called:

Hosting the Future: Operating Public Cloud Infrastructures

Friday, November 19th at 3pm

Register now - and learn more at:

See you all virtually there!

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Today, Red Hat made an announcement around ecosystem support for RHEL 6 – and BMC was eager to participate. I thought I’d take a moment to discuss why.


First and foremost, BMC is committed to supporting heterogeneity of platforms in the datacenter and cloud environment. We recognize that different circumstances drive different platform decisions, and thus, with a longstanding history of supporting Red Hat platforms, we welcome the latest from them.


Second, there’s a philosophy behind this announcement that bears highlighting. That is, the philosophy of building applications once and having them operate equally well on a variety of underlying infrastructures, from physical to cloud. Applications often outlive deployment models in the datacenter, and thus freeing the application from the underlying platform ensures maximum flexibility for IT.


That flexibility – that workload portability, if you will – is the key to a cloud environment. If workloads cannot move between different environments, there is no dynamic IT. Red Hat highlights the portability from the initial physical machine to a virtual machine, and then into a cloud environment. And, while it is tempting to think of that as a progression from development through test and production, it’s actually not quite that well aligned. Increasingly, development is happening in cloud environments, precisely because machines are being brought up and torn down rapidly to meet developers needs. The same is true for test environments. Production varies depending on the workload and the available cloud architecture, but it is clear from most use cases that movement between these alternatives is a pervasive part of managing applications in a modern IT environment.


As the market progresses and new platform and layers of the stack are introduced and proliferate, the power of the cloud environment will be to ensure that each cloud service is being optimized for resources, for performance and for operational excellence. BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management solution manages that cloud, both private and public, and with increasing capabilities from platform vendors like Red Hat, the power of the entire environment improves to better suit the needs of the business.

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