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For years, we have been worrying about the impending mainframe skills shortage. Traditional mainframe personnel get closer to retirement age each year. Who will manage the mainframe systems that literally keep the world's systems running when the current DBAs and systems programmers trade their terminals for fishing poles?


Some organizations, including BMC, are hiring recent college graduates and teaching them the ways of the mainframe. But even if you don't have the budget or staff to train a new crop of mainframe experts, you can address skills shortage with smarter and easier-to-use tools.


What types of tools help new mainframe users be as productive as the ones who are retiring? Look for software that:


  • Uses Windows-like GUIs instead of, or in addition to, traditional ISPF green screens
  • Automates routine tasks
  • Uses built-in intelligence to tell you what needs to be done - and when


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And let me know how you addressing mainframe skills shortages.


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