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Guest post by Nick Griffin, Product Manager


It's the time of year (in Texas, at least) when the weather is getting warmer and it's time to think about the annual spring cleaning jobs. The massive cleaning isn't fun, but at some point it has to be done. It would be better to keep things neat and clean year-round. That way, I wouldn't need to miss a Saturday on the golf course and spend it cleaning the garage.


The same is true for IMS databases. Without regular maintenance, databases lose space, get fragmented, and may even contain duplicate data. Rather than waiting for a big cleaning task - which would likely cause long and expensive outages - why not use these techniques to keep databases clean and efficient year-round?


  • Partitioning with HALDB or vendor tools. Proactive partitioning can reduce the expense and effort of scrubbing data and archiving it; for example, to meet record retention requirements.
  • Extracting data with tools that let you easily select data based on a date, extract only the data that’s newer, select data for purging or archiving, and delete the older data. Using these tools, you could extract production data, mask sensitive customer information, and use the data for testing while you develop new applications.
  • Optimizing I/O and space to minimize fragmentation - and then defragment with no outage.
  • And cleaning with efficient and easy-to-use tools and wizards that automate and simplify maintenance.


Spend less time cleaning IMS databases and have more time for golfing!


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