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This was one of the selling points of the original IBM System/360.


IBM is turning 100 this year, and they have a series of stories and videos at


Check out the launch of the System/360 in this short video.

Jonathan Adams

All fun and games

Posted by Jonathan Adams Feb 17, 2011
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In what may be the ultimate showdown of man vs. machine, Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings takes on IBM's Watson.


Man loses, but he writes an entertaining account of his encounter with the "jillion dollar supercomputer." Check it out


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Actually, it never left, despite rumors of its demise for the past 20 years.


Check out the latest news on the resurgence of the mainframe.

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Guest post by John Barnard, Chief Technology Officer


I recently visited several customers in Turkey and can report that the mainframe is alive and well and living in Istanbul. 


Istanbul is a city on two continents, Europe and Asia. It serves as a metaphor for the mainframe, which is a processor spanning multiple time frames, from the old days of card punch to the new cloudy days. 


The customers I saw in Turkey value the power, security, availability and all the other qualities of service commonly associated with the mainframe. Yet, they look with curiosity toward the cloud and hybrid computing and contemplate how problems of security for the data in their large back-end legacy databases will be solved with this "the future is now" model. They wonder if the mainframe works and plays well within the cloud. 


They live in interesting times.  Do you?

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