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Guest post by Mike Jones, Technical Marketing Manager

IBM announced the general availability of DB2 V10 on October 22, 2010. Rest assured that will support you when you are ready to migrate. We plan to release the BMC products with DB2 V10 support in the first half of 2011, within the 6 months of GA.

DB2 V10 includes many internal performance improvements that will reduce CPU usage and memory constraints. You can move directly from DB2 V8 to V10 with Skip Migration Support.

Learn what IBM says about DB2 V10 here.

BMC has been working with the beta code from IBM and beta customers for over a year. We polled some of the beta customers and learned that all of the respondents will move to DB2 V10 within a year of GA. They are looking forward to these new features:


  • Performance improvements
  • Online schema evolution. BMC offers high-speed structure changes today.
  • Virtual storage restraint relief
  • Audit/compliance/security features
  • Temporal tables – method of managing data that significantly simplifies application programming

Every release of DB2 is exciting, and DB2 V10 is no exception. Let us know about your plans for DB2 V10.


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