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Last week, IBM announced a new hardware model called zEnterprise that offers:


  • New, faster z/OS processors, which IBM claims will deliver improved performance at a lower cost. IBM’s goal is to lower the cost of both acquiring and managing the z/OS and z/Linux operation systems - making the mainframe a more attractive platform.
  • A new hybrid option that can house both mainframe engines and blades in a common box, provide more efficient management of Blade hardware failures, and reduce the network latency between distributed servers and the mainframe.
  • Dedicated Workload Optimizers, focusing on specific types of workloads that use DB2. One of these is the Smart Analytics Optimizer, which optimizes large data warehouse applications using DB2. IBM will continue to announce additional enhancements to the operating system and subsystem software.

The zEnterprise hybrid capabilities may be seen as simply another hardware implementation for executing cross-platform business services, with the promise of increased reliability, more efficiency, and reduced network latency.  BMC introduced the concept of Business Service Management was seven years ago to address the need to manage cross-platform business services.  So, in a sense, the hardware is catching up to the management capabilities BMC already delivers in BSM.

What are your plans for zEnterprise?