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Surveys, buying patterns, and industry analysts have a lot to say about the future of the mainframe. But for me, nothing beats talking to some of our largest customers about their pain points and plans for the platform – and we did just that last week.

Our annual gathering of executives for BMC’s North America Mainframe Advisory Council (MAC) was, in my opinion, our best yet. The current challenges and opportunities presented by economic pressures, emerging technologies, and converging technologies certainly led to some interesting and informative conversations – providing insights into the features, functions, and future technologies that really matter.

Now, you can’t expect me to spill all the secrets, but I can tell you that they were very specific on where we need to focus if we want to stay ahead of the pack and keep the competition at bay in their shops:

  • Efficiency is king – We need to continue to improve the efficiency of BMC solutions so our customers can further reduce operating costs.
  • Smarter isn’t just better, it’s required – Automation needs to be more and more intelligent (aka, advisor technology).
  • Call me, text me, stay in touch – Solutions need to provide proactive notification of exceptions to help shrinking staff stay on top of growing data and systems. Technicians can’t manually wade through reports to find problems or exceptions that matter.

So…the executives weighed in. Do you agree? Do these priorities align to your business needs? Let me hear from you!

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