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Guest post from James Davis, Customer Support Representative


Lowering CPU usage and costs are hot ticket items these days. To help reduce CPU usage, vendors and IBM work together to make mainframe processing more efficient. Here is one example.


Shared queue monitoring in WebSphere MQ for z/OS involves communication with DB2, and that the resource cost of this communication can be as high as 15% of total CPU utilization. BMC discovered that a "reset queue statistics" command for a private queue causes a query to be executed against DB2 to satisfy the potential for a generic name.  This happens for both shared and private queues, even though private queues have no relationship to DB2. The cost of the unnecessarily executed SQL can be very high, depending on the number of shared queues defined and queues selected for monitoring.


BMC reported this issue to IBM, who accepted it as an area for improvement and issued a fix. When the APAR is made generally available, users can expect significant savings if shared queues are present in their monitored environment.


By working together, IBM and BMC were able to optimize the interaction between DB2 and WebSphere MQ when resetting queue statistics...and reduce CPU usage for monitoring WebSphere MQ queues by 66%!


  The postings in this blog are my own and don't necessarily represent BMC's opinion or position.