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When the modern mainframes rolled out in the 1960s, no one envisioned graphical user interfaces, digital photography, or music coming from a computer. The mainframes were the only computers, and they were impressive. They took up a lot of space, and they used a lot of tape and cards. And they helped businesses, universities, and government agencies make huge leaps in technology.



Without the mainframe, we would probably never have had ATMs (cash machines) or instant credit card processing. It would have taken us a lot longer to build the rockets that took us to the moon. And we wouldn’t have realized that we needed personal computers.



IBM has done a great job of inventing the hardware, operating systems, and database management systems that we all depend on. IBM and other vendors developed software to make mainframe processes run faster and more efficiently. BMC is proud to have developed several mainframe “firsts”:


  • IMS monitor (now known as BMC MAINVIEW for IMS)
  • IMS automation tool (now known as BMC MAINVIEW AutoOPERATOR for IMS)
  • Dynamic IMS change management (now known as BMC DELTA PLUS VIRTUAL TERMINAL)
  • One-step reorganizations for IMS databases (now known as BMC MAXM Reorg/EP)
  • No outage reorganizations for IMS databases (now known as BMC MAXM Reorg/Online)
  • Snapshot copies for DB2, IMS, and VSAM (BMC SNAPSHOT UPGRADE FEATURE)
  • DB2 change management and administration tools (now known as BMC ALTER, BMC CHANGE MANAGER, and BMC Database Administration for DB2)



What are some of the mainframe “firsts” you remember? Post your comments.



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