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We are pleased to announce that TrueSight Vulnerability Management 3.0 is now GA.


Bladelogic Threat Director and SecOps Response Service have been now been converged to a single platform and is called TrueSight Vulnerability Mgmt.


Highlights of the release:


  1. Product Delivery using Docker Containers: TSVM is now deployed as a set of Docker Containers giving our customers are faster and better install experience
  2. SCCM support: SCCM integration is now supported and users can now use SCCM for remediation through TSVM
  3. Data Enrichment via Asset Tagging: Users can now tag assets in bulk using simple CSV imports and create views and remediate based on service, owners stec
  4. Enhanced Vulnerability Auto-Mapping:Ability to configure rules for TSSA patch catalogs one time. This provides ability to define preferred catalogs per OS version, and auto-map vulnerabilities to multiple catalogs accurately in the cases where multiple patch catalogs have patches for the corresponding vulnerability


For any questions or feedback, comment below