• Live Reporting: Show the patching errors

    Not Planned
    8 votes
    When a patch job is run over many servers, the only way to check the errors/issues/messages is looking into each server, one by one. It would be very useful to see the remediation patching result on a report for all...
    Greinger Longbotton
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  • How to list only the latest versions of rpms for Oracle Linux

    When using an include list with RPM-based Patching  For Oracle, and the include list contains several versions of the kernel and related RPMs, how can I analyze for only the latest version of the package?   ...
    Thomas Jose
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  • Agent Installation fails on Windows 2016 server

    Hello community,   I am getting SMB Denied errors during the agent installation on Windows 2016 Server. Ports are open, RHA validates successfully.   ] Establishing Samba connection through SMB2 Protocol.....
    Nayeemullah Mohammed
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  • Helix Support: Planning Your Deployment of TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation (TSSR-SA) 19.2.02

    TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation (TSSR-SA) 19.2 Patch 2 released on February 27th, 2020.   The official product version is TSSR-SA 19.2.02.   TSSR-SA is the Smart Reporting solution for Tru...
    John O'Toole
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  • TSSA patching deploy problem

    Platform: TSSA   Hello,   We have a Windows 2012R2 server in which we have launched an analysis and remediation patching job.   In the analysis job the server appears with a pending reboot...
    Raul Calderon de la Barca
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  • How can I create a patch catalog for red hat 8?

    Hi all,   We are migrating all platform to Red Hat 8 and we want to create a patch catalog for red hat 8. How could we to do it?   Thanks and Best Regards   Luis
    Juan Luis Ruiz Garcia
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  • BSA: Recommended Database Cleanup Job run in TYPICAL mode does not honor the retention parameter

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: BladeLogic Server Automation Suite APPLIES TO: BSA 8.9....
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Re: "Tasks in progress" window is not showing any jobs

    I have the same issue in 8.9 for one user . Only in his laptop ,this details not displaying .but same user can get the same details from other laptop when he login with his UID 
    Gangireddy nallagundu
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  • Modernize TSSA Console Interface

    Not Planned
    7 votes
    I know this sounds trivial, but the look of the TSSA console interface should be modernized. Its appearance hasn't changed in the past 10 years I've been using it. Yes, there's a certain comfort for those of us that h...
    Drew Trachy
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  • TSSA Console NSH problem

    Hello,   We have installed a TSSA 8.9.04 console in a Windows server.   The problem is if we do a NSH Here in any server we have this message:     The same console installed in other server in...
    Raul Calderon de la Barca
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  • Get text list of failed/successful targets for a specific job run id using blcli?

    I need a way to extract the list of successful targets of a type 1 NSH script job so that I can call another job against them and only them within the same NSH job launcher script.   I am working on a wrapper jo...
    Yanick Girouard
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  • GDPR compliance content for TSSA

    Hi all,   A customer with TSSA is interested on GDPR and ISO 27001 compliance content (component template).   I've already found this about ISO 27001 TSSA / BSA compliance content for ISO 27001 I don't thi...
    Ramon Vazquez
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  • BL DB Cleanup script is removing server snapshots thats in use as Master in Audit job?

    Hi Team,   We are using BSA recommended Bladelogic DB cleanup script, to run on weekly basis which would clear data older to 360 days. As part of this cleanup activity our snapshot jobs are also getting removed ...
    SCM Pershing UK
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  • Enable delete option inside Smart Group

    Below Review Threshold
    1 vote
    Currently, objects inside Smart Group cannot be deleted. This option could be much better for TSA usability.   Answer of support about the issue:   "This is because the smart group is not a container of o...
    Natali Nogueira
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  • Silent RSCD Agent installer enhancement

    Not Planned
    6 votes
    In our environment, we can not use UAI method to install agents due to security concerns. Port 22 is not opened in our environment. So we are having the option of silent installation of RSCD agent individually. While...
    Mukta Gaur
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  • Multiple ZipKit versions

    Not Planned
    9 votes
    Here is a thread that sparked this IDEA: Multiple ZipKit versions   Often when I try to use ZipKits, they are tied to a specific version of BSA (often times, a version that I am not currently running), and unl...
    Matthew Ragland
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  • Python scripting?

    Not finding in the documentation if Python is a scripting language that can be added to the depot for a scripting job.
    Bob Bailey
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  • No support for Service Startup type= "Delayed Start"(delayed-auto)

    Not Planned
    1 vote
    Has someone ever noticed that BSA 8.9.01 doesn't recognize Service Startup type as "Delayed Start" or as AUTO_START (DELAYED) according to sc qc... command? Let’s look at some examples. Well known service: Dist...
    Emil Glouzberg
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  • How to find job database key and job id

    Hello all   I want to analyze job status programmatically using Jython. Running this command from blcli yielded same results. With "Server JobActivity <begin of time span> <end of time span> <ser...
    Peter Kosmalla
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  • How to create a report from Bladelogic for recent patching activties

    I would like to generate a report for the patching remediation executed  recently and which servers has been applied with with patches. Please let me know the possibility
    Krishna Kumar
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