• RSCD Agent always "Not responding"

    Hello,   I'm having issue on one of the windows server installed with RSCD agent version 8.9.03-162. Its status on the TSSA console always show "Not Responding" When I try to run "verify", the status is back t...
    Kritnisha Changkluangkul
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  • Problem with large SmartGroup

    Hello,   i order to extend our Reporting, i was asked to create a script which will output numbers based on server count in a smart group. As we have extremely many servers in them, i got memory issues. I got m...
    Daniel Fischer
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  • Almost October and no sign of TSSA 20.03 , are we getting a newer upgrade before Jan 2021 ?

    Almost October and no sign of TSSA 20.03 , are we getting a newer upgrade before Jan 2021 ?   i.e. 20.02.xxx,   service packs for 20.02  or 20.03 ?   i was holding off on FEb 2020 release 20...
    Barry Reilly
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  • TSSA Patch Global Configuration Proxy

    Hello,   TSSA 20.02 In my console I configure in the patch global configuration proxy tab the type --> squid, host --> IP of the proxy , port --> 80 , protocol --> http and I cannot connect with htt...
    Raul Calderon de la Barca
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  • JobRun showRunningJobs = parsing nightmare

    Does anyone know a way to extract a list of the currently running jobs in TSSA (other than blcli_execute JobRun showRunningJobs)? The output is a parser's nightmare, example:     Any suggestions are grea...
    Matthew Ragland
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  • find who deleted depot file

    Hello, we want to find out who deleted a blpackage and when.   We know the name of the deleted blpackage and its deploy job. But if we search that name in the appserver logs, we only get its executions. We ha...
    Greinger Longbotton
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  • BLCLI addPermission to Smart Patch Catalog Group

    I've successfully created a Smart Patch Catalog Group with the new BLCLI commands....   https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/tssa89/Version+
    Drew Trachy
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  • How to extract any particular word from shell script output in Linux compliance rule in TSSA?

    I'm writing a compliance rule for linux. Below is the output of the script. Output : [ Failed ] The file /etc/profile.d/A019.sh does not exist.   I want to extract 'Failed' from output. Kindly suggest grammar fi...
    Suraj Mane
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  • Is there a way to define an app server for getAppServerDetails in NSH script?

    We have an NSH script/job that is meant to retrieve the app server details of the app server target the job is running on.  We have all the app servers in a server group, and the job executes on each target, so w...
    S. Crawford
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  • issues with while/for loop

    TSSA 8903   Hi All,      I have a script job (type2) with below while loop. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
    Parag Desai
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  • Is there any Out of the box report in TSSR that mimics the "Rules view" in TSSA available after a compliance job has been run?

    Is there any Out of the box report in TSSR that mimics the "Rules view" in TSSA available after a compliance job has been run?   Alternatively any data model available in TSSR to easily create such a report? ...
    Jorge Quintana
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  • blcli export PatchAnalysis Job Log per Server

    Hi @All,   i have a problem with exporting the complete job-log from a patchanalysis job.   i've found out to export the Analysis Log. But this is not usefull for me.   i want to export the Log per...
    Denis Knebel
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  • VM Snapshot through BLCLI

    Hi,   We have requirement to create VM snapshots for multiple servers through TSSA, So I have created Type 2 NSH script as below,   blcli_connect SNAPSHOT_NAME="snap1" VIRTUAL_GUEST1_NAME="VM1" VIRT_E...
  • TSSA Application Server - Internet Access

    Hello, We want to install TSSA 20.02 and we have a doubt.   For the application server we will have the Windows patch repository in online mode.   It is necessary full internet access in this server or o...
    Raul Calderon de la Barca
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  • How do you clear the notification list in the default notifications tab - job run options of an NSHScript job using BLCLI? I have seen the clearNotificationList command but I cannot get it to work

    Can someone please help me with this ...I am at a loss. I have been searching for examples but have been unsuccessful. Here's what I have tried and I am not sure it is correct ...   blcli_execute NSHScriptJob fi...
    Devon Woods
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  • users.local and exports file invisible

    exports, users, user.local file present on target server under c:\windows\rsc however when i love browse it shows only users files. exports and users.local are invisible from bsa live browse console. any clue ?
    Atul Matkar
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  • Server Smart Group based on installed application

    I've created a Component Template which "discovers" Windows Applications (using Microsoft Silverlight as an example).   I then ran a Discovery and created a Server Smart Group:        A...
    Mike Poole
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  • BSA: CentOS VPC issue with new repo

    Good day, i had an issue with CentOS vpc repo, the fact: we get error with old repo, the patch analysis work fine,it detect the missing rpm on CentOS, but in the deployment,we get error -4001,after troubleshooting,i...
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  • Unable to set values from blasadmin to default

    Unable to set values from blasadmin to default, but it works for _template    [root@localhost01 ~]# blasadmin -a show ConfigManagerUI  ConsoleInstallerLocation blasadmin now running against the foll...
    Lokanadhan Karthik
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    Hi, Out Truesight Server Automation is configured with SMTP server for outgoing notifications and is using default Port 25.   the same was configured through below command: blasadmin set EmailConfig smtpserver...
    Kunal Pishe
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