• How to have an output of servers which have been treated in a patching remediation

    Hello Folks,   is there any way / blcli cmd to export the list of server just after a remediation patching job ? example: if my Patch analyse job, contain 100 servers but only 70 servers was treated during a pa...
    Maximilien Soullez
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  • TrueSight Data WareHouse Installation Issue (TrueSight Smart Reporting for Serve Automation)

    Hi Experts,   We are trying to install TrueSight smart reporting. We are following the below document. We have verified all the pre-requisites. We have installed RSCD agent, NSH and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Red...
    Omkar Karavade
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  • Does anyone use an on-prem Apigee API to interface with the BLCLI web service?

    We have Apigee Edge built in-house and have multiple message processors that forward requests coming into our Apigee API over to a load balancer that sits in front of our BLCLI web service, but we are having an issue ...
    Scott Crawford
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  • VMware VM snapshots/HYPERV checkpoints  using bladelogic before patching

    Dear Experts ,   Is there a way of taking the VMWARE VM snapshots or HYPERV checkpoints before patching a server using bladelogic.   Regards Abhay
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  • Compliance rule - looking for exact string

    For those of you familiar w/most flavors of Linux, you can use 'grep -w <string>' to find the exact string in a file. Is there an equivalent in compliance rules using native objects? For example, I'm looking for...
    Milton Stamper
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  • nexec-bash shows stale values of ulimit until rscd service restart

    TSSA 8903   NSH Here -> nexec -bash -> on Linux targets and running ulimit command shows stale values for -n and -u flags.   Restarting the rscd service fixes the issue. Is the issue related to some...
    Parag Desai
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  • disable scheduled jobs for maintenance

    during the appserver upgrade process, we must prevent regularly scheduled jobs to run, without losing scheduling info associated with them (so deleting them is not an option) is the a way to avoid running of schedule...
    Alessandro Iacopetti
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  • How to recursively move a JobGroup(containing jobs) to another Archive JobGroup?

    Hi All,   so i am trying to something like :blcli Job moveByJobKeyAndGroup "$dbkey" "$BUILD_JOB_Archive" but instead of only jobs i have several Job Groups containing several jobs to move to another Archive gro...
    gupreet kaur
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  • TSSA 8.9 - bad health dashboard page - the security certificate is not issued by a trusted certificate authority.

    Hi,   I found some information here but I'm not sure I understand : https://docs.bmc.com/docs/tssa89/using-certificates-to-secure-communication-between-clients-and-application-servers-808904733.html   So,...
    Maximilien Soullez
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  • BSA 8.9 - Health Dashboard - Can we use our own self-signed SSL certificate?

    Can we use our own self-signed certificate (signed by internal CA) for the Health Dashboard web site? If so, where is the doc for it? I can't seem to find it.   I'm basically trying to avoid having this when I l...
    Yanick Girouard
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  • TSSA support for extended support patching of Windows Server 2008 R2

    Hello BMC community.  Does anyone have information on whether TSSA 8.9.04 or a soon to be released version will support scanning and patching of Windows Server 2008 R2 servers using the normal patch analysis jobs...
    Jeff Piontek
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  • Type 3 NSH Script Job not working as expected

    TSSA 8903   Job: NSH Script job to start a Tomcat instance NSH Script type: 3   Command being run: now=$(date '+%s') /apps/tomcat/${app_name}/bin/startup.sh | tee -a /tmp/tomcat-App-operation.${now}.txt...
    Parag Desai
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  • Why BSA uses Shavlik and not Microsoft links for patch catalog config

    Why BSA uses Shavlik and not Microsoft links for patch catalog config
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  • Where is trace.txt now?

    Anyone know where to find the trace.txt now? TSSA appserver and console version I've enabled debug on my PA, but the file isn't being created on the target or in the appserver ..tmp/debug/<appserver> ...
    Drew Trachy
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  • Seeing detailed content of BLpackage parts?

    Hello there,   is it possible to see the content of files addes to a blpackage, for example config files?   Example: if you build a blpackage and add a config-file (for whatever) to it. But after quite a t...
    Markus Kruse
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  • Failed to Move Payload to Temporary Directory

    Hi Experts,   We are doing offline patching for SQL Server 2012, 2014 and 2016. We have successfully downloaded the patches and moved to repository. Catalog was created and updated successfully as well.   ...
    Anuj Bathvi
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  • Kill hanging job in Task in progress pane

    I am having a job that hangs in there in task in progress pane, tried cancelling the job, there are no WIT on any appserver for this job, however restarted the appserver that was running this job, but it still stays t...
    Surendar Manoharan
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  • Diffrence Between Solaris Server Icon in TSA Console

    Hello Experts,   Anyone knows the difference between below Solaris Server icons in TSA Console?       Thanks PratapP
    pratap pawar
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  • BSA upgarde - Schedule Jobs

    Hello All,   We are in process to upgrade BSA 8.7 to 8.9.04 latest version. Now we are in situations where we have 100 schedule jobs executing daily, weekly and monthly.   So during upgrade process do we h...
    R B
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  • A quicker way to set component variables

    Hi guys,   here I go again with an NSH scripting doubt!!   I´m using an NSH scripts to import the Oracle instances, runing in servers (already handled by TSA) into Components in TSA. I had to set 4...
    Martin Ponce
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