• When executing a NSH/Nexec inside a while loop that read a file it breaks loop

    Hello,   I have been developing a NSH script that basically runs though a file and with in each line of the file I extract certain information to then do a call to a script that launches a nexec to another machi...
    Alexander Foldats
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  • LiveReporting to create server Uptime

    Hello,   Is there any way to create report in livereporting (YellowFin) to find the Uptime of server?   Thanks Atul.
    Atul M
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  • Does anyone currently using Oracle Exadata as their underlying database on TSSA?

    Looking for users that are adopting Oracle Exadata as their database platform for the TrueSight Server Automation. Trying to create a use-case for management to use the Exadata for our TSSA. If some of you here have...
    Edem Elessessi
    created by Edem Elessessi
  • compliance rule with regex

    Hello,   we want to create a compliance job that finds the scheduled tasks on Windows that are located on the root path, that is, directly under \ (such as "\npcapwatchdog" but not ""\Microsoft\Windows\.NET Fra...
    Greinger Longbotton
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  • RSCD sessions directory having 428882 files....is this normal?

    Hello Experts,   On one unix box RSCD sessions directory having 428882  and occupying 100% of space.   There are 3 NSH script jobs Type 3 are scheduled  to run every 2 hours against this host ..a...
    Chetan Gupta
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  • Change Value Dashboard Server

    We have stopped using our Cognos Reports Server and have since updated our reporting solution to TrueSight Smart Reporting. How do we change the URL/link that the Configuration > Value Dashboard selection in the TS...
    Milton Stamper
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  • Bladelogic NSH Job does not complete but the expected output for the script is already running

    Hi Team,   I'm running a Bladelogic NSH Script Job. I'm calling a BAT File. Below is my NSH Script. When I am running the Job, it turns on my tomcat Servers but the running NSH Script Job does not complete or fi...
    Karlo Nico Amatorio
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  • nsh make echo ignore \n

    We are trying to read a file on NSH with the following content: "\npcapwatchdog" "\PSWindowsUpdate" "\{5278A583-3F69-40FC-9E6A-9CECFE9BDDBA}" "\{F00EBA92-3723-4A7E-84BD-5103B41E8EEB}"   To read the file we ...
    Greinger Longbotton
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  • Get text list of failed/successful targets for a specific job run id using blcli?

    I need a way to extract the list of successful targets of a type 1 NSH script job so that I can call another job against them and only them within the same NSH job launcher script.   I am working on a wrapper jo...
    Yanick Girouard
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  • Blade ZipKits Future Plans?

    What are the future plans for Blade ZipKits? I remember when I first heard about them, I was quite fascinated. However, after attempting to use a few of them, I quickly realized that many of them were version dependen...
    Matthew Ragland
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  • quickest way to group agents based on version under a static server group

    BSA 8903 I have a static server group containing around 150 targets (not controlled by any server property). I need to create sub groups based on the agent versions as my deploy job is asset class version specific. ...
    Parag Desai
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  • Patching Job Failed

    patching job failed with following errors.     Warning 05/19/2020 09:45:19 ActionOnFailure = Continue. Continuing deploy job (Time in agent's deploy log:: 05/19/2020 09:43:32) 2 Windows6.1-2008-R2-SP1-KB254...
    Thomas J
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  • Create a smart group based on IP range

    what category to select for IP Range based Smart grouping of servers What category would be good if that the case   it can be either based on subnet or it can be based on IP range from to ...
    Soundappan Shanmugam
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  • Smart Hub Install Fails in the middle

    Right after setting your shared key, the installer failed.  I tracked this down to 8dot3 being disabled on the file system.  here are some steps to test for it and a workaround if anyone has this issue. ...
    Jeremy Bragg
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  • create one smart group with multiple conditions.

    I want to create one smartgroup with below software.   .Net Adobe Flash Firefox Chrome   Can you please check below conditions is correct or not. If not, so how to create.    
    Prateek Garg
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  • direct copy between bladelogic agent with NSH

    Here you have our platform:   One Server with NSH client (NSH Proxy configure) in DATACENTER A                 VUHPLABSPBOT001  &...
    Francois FURSTOSS
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  • Script to list associated RPM for an ERRATA

    Hi I want to create an NSH script to build a list of rpm listed in a given Errata.   This list is visible in console in a given Errata under the name "Associated RPM's"   I already found a way to list all...
    Gilbert Morcel
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  • Has anyone actually used BSA to deploy a Patrol Agent pagkage and have the Agent install and start running?

    Has anyone actually used BSA to deploy a Patrol Agent pagkage and have the Agent install and start running? I see a lot of discussion and where "I tried this..." "Try that..." But I haven't seen anywhere where a solu...
    Anthony Yon
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  • Best practice add server to TSSA.

    What is best practice to add server in TSSA? With FQDN or Non-FQDN and how it defers because with both method servers are getting verified?
    Yogesh Trivedi
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  • Fatal error while updating metadata : Java Heap Space

    Hello,   I have created a Windows 2008 Patch catalog on my "Windows 2008 Datacenter" Box in my VMware8 environment. and the Virtual Machine is directly connected to the network via Bridged. now while the patch c...
    Shirish Katariya
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