• User Impersonation Failed using domain account while importing windows server 2019 server in Automation console

    We are having an issue with Truesight Server Automation authenticating to a Windows Server 2019. Agent is installed on client machine and we have mapped one domain account in export file for authentication. (We are us...
    Satish Potnuru
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  • Monthly schedule disable for deploy job

    Hello,   Is it not possible to schedule deploy job monthly? It shows greyed option with BLAdmin user for daily, weekly, monthly, intervals ...?   Any clue how to enable it?     Thanks A
    Atul M
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  • OS upgrade on BSA server

    Hello Gurus,   I have BSA application server running on 8.9.04 however server OS is running on 2008 R2. We are planing to upgrade OS to either 2012 or 2016. What all precaution do we need to consider. Apart fro...
    Atul M
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  • Possible to add server in BSA using only NetBios names instead of FQDN/Hostname/IP

    Possible to add server in BSA using only NetBios names instead of FQDN/Hostname/IP....
    Atul M
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  • Retrieve Smart Group children with BQUERY

    I am receiving the following error when trying to retrieve smart group children using BQUERY:   <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><RESTXMLResponse><ErrorResponse><Error>Resource not fo...
    Matthew Ragland
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  • Nsh Scripts

    I need to build a nsh script that runs on multiple servers(df -h,uname -a) and return the output value back to app server as a file. any suggestions?
    Thomas J
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  • CIS benchmarks for Database in TSSA

    Hi Experts   I wonder if there is some enhancement request on roadmap to give TSSA the CIS compliance templates to support a series of databases, like ORACLE, SQL Server, etc... Actually we are only supporting ...
    Pablo Di Genaro
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  • What authorizations provide nexec access?

    Hello,   For audit purposes, I have to generate a list of all users who have NEXEC access to every server.   My assumption is that if a role has server access and   NSHScript.execute   and/or &...
    Daniel Bousquin
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  • Does TSSA provide a high value-added service or a low value-added service?

    Hi I currently have an open ticket with BMC support about two redhat servers failing during patching analysis step. I find that the added value of the product is low:   - The problem doesn't go back to the cen...
    Gilbert Morcel
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  • Need to Schedule NSH / BLPackage Jobs every 30 Min from TSA

    Hello All,   We have a requirement to schedule NSH  / BLPackage jobs every 30 min with considering 100+ target servers through BSA. We have two App servers with 32 GB of RAM ,16 Core CPU with MSSQL Databas...
    Amit Agarwal
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  • Catalog update failed with No Permission on Ivanti url

    Hello Communities,   Did anybody face this issue. Any pointers would be helpful. Thanks   [Client] No permission to connect to URL: http://content.ivanti.com/data/oem/BMC-Bladelogic/93/manifest/partner.man...
    Nayeemullah Mohammed
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  • NSH scripts for Creating a user in Target Servers

    Is there any pre-defined Scripts available for Unix/Windows for Basic Operations Like Creating a user , Updating passwords Etc.
    Thomas J
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  • Changing DB Server

    Hello,   we are planing to switch he TSSA DB from a SLES12 to a RHEL 7 Server. Is there a best practice how to do this?   TSSA Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release  ...
    Artur Kominek
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  • What are best practice to install Truesight server automation Dataware House

    Hi Experts,   I am going install Data ware house. i want know that it will install on BMC Truesight server automation sever or it will install on separate server. could you please suggest me best practices ...
    Deepak kapoor
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  • Building Gentoo boot image on CentOS 8

    Based on this documention page: Creating a Gentoo Linux image file - Documentation for TrueSight Server Automation 20.02 - BMC Documentation I didn't find any specific information related to CentOS 8, so here is my ...
    Lionel ARISTOTE
    created by Lionel ARISTOTE
  • VM power status based smart group creation

    Hi   I want to create a smart group which have a condition of VM power status(on or off), and I need to run it for one of the vcenter I have enrolled in TSSA via agentless managed object.   OOTB properties...
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  • Server Added to which Static Group

    Hi, Is there any way to find out a server is add to which all static group?
    Atul M
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  • Recommendation: Fewer Job Servers with Higher JVM Heap Sizes for Same Cost?

    As we continue the development of our future cloud (AWS) BladeLogic/Truesight environment, we originally planned on 8 M5.xlarge job server instances.  However, going with 6 R5.xlarge instances will allow for 64GB...
    Scott Crawford
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  • 'Group Leader' set to false on all job app servers preventing jobs from executing

    We have seen several times when we rebuild our Job Servers that the Group Leader setting isn’t being set properly, thus not allowing any of our jobs to execute.  They stay in a 'waiting to run' status, but ...
    Scott Crawford
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  • 2016 Patch gets install on target but shows a failed in patching job

    I have BSA 8.9.04 227 build install, i ran windows patching job on 100 2016 servers on all server it passed but on one server it installed but showed failed. Any clue?     04/25/20 02:00:24.289 INFO...
    Atul M
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