• Can ivanti uses https for all Microsoft download links

    We are using BMC TSSA offline windows patch helper to download MS patches, we noticed that ivanti is still using http, but when we use https on the same link, it is working. Will BMC tell ivanti to convert MS download...
    Kim Seng Ong
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  • Almost October and no sign of TSSA 20.03 , are we getting a newer upgrade before Jan 2021 ?

    Almost October and no sign of TSSA 20.03 , are we getting a newer upgrade before Jan 2021 ?   i.e. 20.02.xxx,   service packs for 20.02  or 20.03 ?   i was holding off on FEb 2020 release 20...
    Barry Reilly
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  • JobRun showRunningJobs = parsing nightmare

    Does anyone know a way to extract a list of the currently running jobs in TSSA (other than blcli_execute JobRun showRunningJobs)? The output is a parser's nightmare, example:     Any suggestions are grea...
    Matthew Ragland
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  • RSCD agent fix

    we are getting below error form client servers and we tried to re install the RSCd agent but aget is not connecting to BSA .   # sshn AUSPL Failed connecting to server <AUSPL:4750>, errno = 148 (No route to...
    Gangireddy nallagundu
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  • Next Execution Date/Time of Scheduled Job

    I have the Job DBKey and I am looking for a mechanism to pull the next date/time for a scheduled job. I was hoping findScheduleDetailsByJobKey would have it - but no luck.  Thoughts?   blcli_execute Schedul...
    Cody Dean
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  • find who deleted depot file

    Hello, we want to find out who deleted a blpackage and when.   We know the name of the deleted blpackage and its deploy job. But if we search that name in the appserver logs, we only get its executions. We ha...
    Greinger Longbotton
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  • Two domain compatibility in TSSA-LDAP integration

    Dear Experts,   We have  two domains which are totally different and don't have any trust relationship between them. Forest are different and principal users are different.(Ex: Google.com and amazon.com). So...
    Satish Potnuru
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  • BLCLI addPermission to Smart Patch Catalog Group

    I've successfully created a Smart Patch Catalog Group with the new BLCLI commands....   https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/tssa89/Version+
    Drew Trachy
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  • How to extract any particular word from shell script output in Linux compliance rule in TSSA?

    I'm writing a compliance rule for linux. Below is the output of the script. Output : [ Failed ] The file /etc/profile.d/A019.sh does not exist.   I want to extract 'Failed' from output. Kindly suggest grammar fi...
    Suraj Mane
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  • UNIX Compliance Rule, to modify to check user accounts present on host before checking password status

    I have a rule to check account status for default system accounts, the current rules is check it without validating if it is present on host or not. I would like to modify it in a way that, it has to check if the ...
  • Is there a way to define an app server for getAppServerDetails in NSH script?

    We have an NSH script/job that is meant to retrieve the app server details of the app server target the job is running on.  We have all the app servers in a server group, and the job executes on each target, so w...
    S. Crawford
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  • issues with while/for loop

    TSSA 8903   Hi All,      I have a script job (type2) with below while loop. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
    Parag Desai
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  • Get Vcenter Hosts names - Component Template

    I'm trying to get a list of the ESX Hosts in a vCenter which I can then use in Snapshot Jobs to collect various bits of information.   So far I can get a list of hosts from the command line:     ...
    Mike Poole
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  • Disable Roles in RBAC

    Hi,   is there a way to disable Roles in the RBAC section? We're going to delete many of the actual used Roles, but don't want to delete them directly.   Thanks in advance... Markus
    Markus Maurischat
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  • Is there any Out of the box report in TSSR that mimics the "Rules view" in TSSA available after a compliance job has been run?

    Is there any Out of the box report in TSSR that mimics the "Rules view" in TSSA available after a compliance job has been run?   Alternatively any data model available in TSSR to easily create such a report? ...
    Jorge Quintana
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  • Why you need BMC TrueSight Server Automation if you have BMC Client Management for Windows Server?

    Hello, If we are using BMC Client Management for Windows Server then do we need BMC TrueSight Server Automation?
    Farhan Ahmad
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  • Compliance templates - 0, 1 or all values are compliant

    Hi all, In a compliance template, we face the challenge to mark everything as compliant, that contains zero, one of, some of, or all of the entries in a specific Windows Policy Setting.   Currently, we're using...
    Marian Lein
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  • Is it possible to list the size of a blpackage using a blcli command?

    In the show log you can see this information: Is it possible to list the size of a blpackage using a blcli command?
    Guilherme Araujo
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  • blcli export PatchAnalysis Job Log per Server

    Hi @All,   i have a problem with exporting the complete job-log from a patchanalysis job.   i've found out to export the Analysis Log. But this is not usefull for me.   i want to export the Log per...
    Denis Knebel
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  • Retrieving bladelogic job result message in REST api

    Hi   Using the following url  to rerieve job message does  not work     <https://localhost:9843/type/PropertySetClasses/SystemObject/Job Log Item/?username=<user>&password=<...
    noah arca
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