• Script to list associated RPM for an ERRATA

    Hi I want to create an NSH script to build a list of rpm listed in a given Errata.   This list is visible in console in a given Errata under the name "Associated RPM's"   I already found a way to list all...
    Gilbert Morcel
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  • Webinar: The time is right for automation

    5/12/20 10:30 AM
    This event was originally held on May 12th, 2020. The recording can be found here. Webinar details Your business depends on IT more than ever to meet changing needs. Learn how you can ensure security, stability, and ...
    Seth Paskin
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    Webinar: The time is right for automation

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  • Helix Support : TrueSight Server Automation - The Windows "Pending Reboot" status and how it affects TSSA Windows Patch Analysis & Remediation results

    TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA) Windows Patch Analysis results, and the success of subsequent Patch Remediations, can be affected by the target server's "Pending Reboot" status.   If the server is in the Pend...
    Newton Nyante
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  • Provide a mechanism by which the default group explorer column customizations can be applied to other folders in TSSA

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    The searches of the Communities forums have turned up several questions regarding how to customize the group explorer column layout, and then apply that either globally or individually to other folders.   The co...
    Greg Michael
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  • Need to Schedule NSH / BLPackage Jobs every 30 Min from TSA

    Hello All,   We have a requirement to schedule NSH  / BLPackage jobs every 30 min with considering 100+ target servers through BSA. We have two App servers with 32 GB of RAM ,16 Core CPU with MSSQL Databas...
    Amit Agarwal
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  • How to use TSSA rest api to execute a job

    Hi Guys   I want to execute a compliance job based on a component template using TSSA API , basically I have a team which I dont want to give console access rather give api for a particular job. please suggest h...
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  • Is it possible to set patch deploy order?

    We often have numerous patches to apply to our Windows servers each month via TSSA. Lately, we've had to apply the Microsoft Servicing Stack prior to applying monthly patches. Does anyone know of a way, or has anyone ...
    Greg Michael
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  • NSH Script cmd output in a variable

    Hi, hwe have 2 variables: variable1 & variable2   variable1=Servername123 variable2="This is a String with blank an some carracters like - . etc.." RunID=$(nexec -i -l $variable1cmd /c "sqlcmd -S DBServe...
    Karim Ibrown
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  • How do I get started with BladeLogic (TSSA/BSA/TSSR-SA/TSAC/TSAS)?  How do I learn more about BladeLogic?  How do I use it to do my job?  Solve problems for my company? (Getting Started)

    (This article is based in large part on the "Taking the Reins" blog post, and on the experiences of customers that have worked with Customer Engineering.)   So, someone else owned (TrueSight / BladeLogic) Server...
    Sean Berry
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  • TSSA Onboarding Step 4: Explore the product information page

    Explore the product information page TrueSight Server Automation is a very powerful product that supports many uses in a wide variety of environments. BMC has created a large amount of content, how-tos, videos, KB art...
    Seth Paskin
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  • nsh script in external command for windows targets

    Hi, I need one info or help. Can I use the below nsh script in "external command", the external command should have the following   1. Get the server list from a group 2. Check whether agent is live 3. If its ...
    Dinesh Babu Bashyam
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  • How to create a report from Bladelogic for recent patching activties

    I would like to generate a report for the patching remediation executed  recently and which servers has been applied with with patches. Please let me know the possibility
    Krishna Kumar
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  • How to find job database key and job id

    Hello all   I want to analyze job status programmatically using Jython. Running this command from blcli yielded same results. With "Server JobActivity <begin of time span> <end of time span> <ser...
    Peter Kosmalla
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  • TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA): Console Login failure, "connection failed could not resolve <appserver>"

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: BladeLogic Server Automation Suite APPLIES TO: Blad...
    John O'Toole
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  • Patching oldies OS's

    Hi Experts   I know this topic was discussed before but couldn't find the best workaround on how to recommend our customer to do it.   This is the issue:   Many customers still have in Prod Windows 2...
    Pablo Di Genaro
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  • BladeLogic DB Infos

    Hi, how is the BladeLogic DB is structured? - I mean tables and relations between them? - Is there any ready SQL-Statements for? - Is it possible to ask via API or sql datadictionary for exemple? Thank you! ...
    Maurer Marcus
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  • Performance issues- no Job executing

    After upgrading the BSA 8.7 -8.9.04  we are facing the issue's like performance and security issue. Can any one please update me how to verify the issues using check list .   is there any check list to ve...
    Gangireddy nallagundu
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  • TrueSight Server Automation : Get the output of one command from all servers in one file

    Dear Experts , I want to get the output of command systeminfo | find /i "install date" from all servers in organisation .   I created a BL package with this command and able to see the output in commit stage ...
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  • Not able to set Auto principal value at server level with different role

    Hello All, Recent we have upgraded blade logic console to 8.9.04 Patch 3 , we are facing some issue while running some of the blcli commands with different role .   We are trying to change Auto Principal value a...
    Naveen kotha
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  • TSSA/BSA: Compliance job fails with error - "setName() not supported for base BIValues".

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: BladeLogic Server Automation - Compliance Module COMPONE...
    Knowledge Admin
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