• Need help in setting filter for AIX 7.1 and AIX 7.2 patch catalog to patch all the servers in the infrastructure

    We have multiple AIX servers in our environment and I need assistance in setting up the patch catalog filter for  the patching team to patch any server at a given time. If anybody can assist in what filters shou...
    Nishith Shetty
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  • how do I make a column in Group Explorer filter-enabled?

    We are running TSSA 8.9.04 P1   2 questions:   1) I've noticed that some of the available columns for the Server built-in properties in Group Explorer have filter icons, and some do not. Those that do not ...
    Greg Michael
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    Hi, Out Truesight Server Automation is configured with SMTP server for outgoing notifications and is using default Port 25.   the same was configured through below command: blasadmin set EmailConfig smtpserver...
    Kunal Pishe
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  • Is there a way to run a nsh script as zsh script on a linux server to test that the script should work?

    Does anybody have a way to run a nsh script as zsh script directly on a linux server to test that the script should work? I was thinking I could change all the nexec to exec and !#/bin/nsh to !#/bin/zsh   -Darin
    Darin Lory
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  • Windows Domain Join Status

    Hello all, We want to check whether a Windows server is domain-joined or not. Currently, we are doing this via an extended object and checking for the "userdomain" in the environment variables. Is there an easier (&a...
    Marian Lein
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  • TrueSight Smart Reporting: Consolidated Resources

    Hi all Now that we've done a few sessions on TrueSight Smart Reporting, I thought I'd gather the links and resources together in a single place and share with everyone. Recording: TrueSight Smart Reporting for Serve...
    Seth Paskin
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  • Building Gentoo boot image on CentOS 8

    Based on this documention page: Creating a Gentoo Linux image file - Documentation for TrueSight Server Automation 20.02 - BMC Documentation I didn't find any specific information related to CentOS 8, so here is my ...
    Lionel ARISTOTE
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  • Critical Vulnerability has been detected on Windows Server: 90999 , 91947

    1. How to close these types of Vulnerability and share artifacts. 2. How to Stop these types of Vulnerability which is coming daily basis on multiple windows servers. 3. What is the impact on windows Server from thes...
    Prateek Garg
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  • TrueSight Smart Reporting (TSSR, BDSSA) FAQ

    “Sean, what the [heck] is this thing and how does it relate to these other, similar-sounding products”   For the more in-depth article, check out John's extensive and well-researched post here: Helix...
    Sean Berry
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  • JOB_TIMEOUT and JOB_PART_TIMEOUT  values in Patch remediation batch and deploy jobs

    We have created  patch remediation artifacts jobs with the Patching job timeout setting as : JOB_TIMEOUT 2880 (48h), JOB_PART_TIMEOUT 2880 (48h)     Deploy job got created with JOB_TIMEOUT and JOB_PA...
    Shruti Shekhar
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  • Does anyone currently using Oracle Exadata as their underlying database on TSSA?

    Looking for users that are adopting Oracle Exadata as their database platform for the TrueSight Server Automation. Trying to create a use-case for management to use the Exadata for our TSSA. If some of you here have...
    Edem Elessessi
    created by Edem Elessessi
  • Bladelogic NSH Job does not complete but the expected output for the script is already running

    Hi Team,   I'm running a Bladelogic NSH Script Job. I'm calling a BAT File. Below is my NSH Script. When I am running the Job, it turns on my tomcat Servers but the running NSH Script Job does not complete or fi...
    Karlo Nico Amatorio
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  • update "chapw -r" to be able to create longer, random passwords

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    When my employer shifted to 16+ character passwords while we were using v8.5, we found that on initial install the BL agent on Windows would create a strong 16 character password.  However, when we attempted to u...
    Scott Rabinow
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  • Helix Support: TrueSight Server Automation Windows Patch Analysis – Most Common Issues and Recommended Solutions

    Hello Everyone,   Windows Patch Management is one of the most heavily used features of TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA) and involves the interaction between TSSA, Ivanti Technologies (previously known as Shavli...
    John O'Toole
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  • create one smart group with multiple conditions.

    I want to create one smartgroup with below software.   .Net Adobe Flash Firefox Chrome   Can you please check below conditions is correct or not. If not, so how to create.    
    Prateek Garg
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  • Script to list associated RPM for an ERRATA

    Hi I want to create an NSH script to build a list of rpm listed in a given Errata.   This list is visible in console in a given Errata under the name "Associated RPM's"   I already found a way to list all...
    Gilbert Morcel
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  • Webinar: The time is right for automation

    5/12/20 10:30 AM
    This event was originally held on May 12th, 2020. The recording can be found here. Webinar details Your business depends on IT more than ever to meet changing needs. Learn how you can ensure security, stability, and ...
    Seth Paskin
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    Webinar: The time is right for automation

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  • Helix Support : TrueSight Server Automation - The Windows "Pending Reboot" status and how it affects TSSA Windows Patch Analysis & Remediation results

    TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA) Windows Patch Analysis results, and the success of subsequent Patch Remediations, can be affected by the target server's "Pending Reboot" status.   If the server is in the Pend...
    Newton Nyante
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  • Provide a mechanism by which the default group explorer column customizations can be applied to other folders in TSSA

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    The searches of the Communities forums have turned up several questions regarding how to customize the group explorer column layout, and then apply that either globally or individually to other folders.   The co...
    Greg Michael
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  • Need to Schedule NSH / BLPackage Jobs every 30 Min from TSA

    Hello All,   We have a requirement to schedule NSH  / BLPackage jobs every 30 min with considering 100+ target servers through BSA. We have two App servers with 32 GB of RAM ,16 Core CPU with MSSQL Databas...
    Amit Agarwal
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